3 Ingredients, 15 minutes: Simple Chocolate Mousse

Step 11: Swirl into a small serving container.

Get Real Food: Simple Chocolate Mousse!

During the beginning of my quest for simple foods, whole foods, REAL foods, I had a few moments of total weakness. You know the ones… those moments when I was certain that a severe deficiency of the vitamin “ice cream” and the mineral “chocolate” would cause my untimely demise. But, instead of giving in — I found a simple real food solution… Continue reading

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Maintaining My Minimal Wardrobe

Maintaining a Simple WardrobeThings are Changing

I’m happy to report that since I started my voyage to minimal clothing, I’ve lost weight. A LOT of weight. I’m 37 pounds lighter than I was. Now this is great news — except that it’s played havoc with my wardrobe.

I’ve been extremely busy with work and we have moved the office and our apartment and haven’t “had the time” to be as careful with keeping my clothes in check. I’d find something at a second-hand shop that fit, and I’d throw it in the buggy. My mother knew I needed clothes, so she would buy me something or a couple somethings.

I pulled some clothes out of storage that I’d kept just in case I lost a couple pounds (most of those were too big), but I didn’t have time to sort, so I stuck them in my closet until I had the time. I wasn’t sure if my weight was going to fluctuate, so I kept multiple sizes.

You get the idea. Continue reading

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I Love this Teeny Tiny House!

Mobile, wooden, tiny house. Offers two lofts, off-grid solar panel run electric with storage batteries, on demand hot water heater (you can use a standard garden hose to get water), a bathtub, a composting toilet and a small, but fully functional kitchen and tons of storage space — all in 136 square feet!

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The Great Carpenter Bee Trap Adventure!


You can see Pops working in the background and all the finished bee traps are in the front. He hasn’t finished making the initial batch of 100, but he’s getting close!

Pops (and Mom) have been in the shop most days since what I call “The Great Carpenter Bee Trap Adventure” began! At this point, Pops has said he wants me to open up the ordering again… so long as everyone understands that he CANNOT promise a particular delivery date. He will continue to work on them as long as my readers need them, but he can only make so many per day.

The Carpenter Bee Traps are POPULAR!!!

At this point, we have over 350 people who have filled out a waiting list request and many of you who filled out the form want more than one!

I’m happy to say we will be opening up the orders again in a few hours for a batch of 500!!! (Those who filled out a form to be put on the waiting list will be notified first and will have several hours to place their orders before we open up the ordering to everyone else.)

Shipping Challenges

We have hit a few snags — like sourcing boxes, getting enough extra jars, and finding ways to package the first 100 bee boxes safely. Such things are much more difficult than I would have imagined a week ago. Who knew that buying $300 worth of flattened shipping boxes would wrack up a $100 delivery charge?!?! Again, we had no expectation of this volume… so we are working out the kinks and problem solving as quickly as humanly possible! We are making it work! *Yay!* Continue reading

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Get a Free Book on Beginning Beekeeping

Keeping Honey Bees A Free Book!With all the discussion on LivingSmall.com about bees (mostly the destructive Carpenter Bee variety), I thought it would be nice to share a great (free) resource on keeping the GOOD kind of bees around.

Beekeeping Starter Guide 101: How to start a beekeeping Hobby at low cost

It’s free on Amazon today, so grab it before the price goes up!


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