Simplify Your Inbox: Simple Sorting for Gmail

In a previous lifetime — oh, about two weeks ago — I had an inbox that had over 275 filters attached to it. If you had EVER sent me an email, you probably fell into one of those filters — to get you into a label (that’s a folder for Outlook users) and to keep everything ORGANIZED.

taming the email monster

Taming the Email Monster!

The problem is, when I started working with the Steve on, my inbox grew even more obnoxious. Since I get copied on almost everything that runs through his business, I was setting up dozens MORE filters to try to get things back under control. The result? I was spending literally hours every week (sometimes every DAY!!) just going through the labels that had unread mail. It seemed I never got enough done.

About three weeks ago, I got a report from Google that gave statistics on my account. I usually glance at that or just send it to the garbage… but that particular week, I decided to read it more carefully. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that I’d handled over 27,000 emails…IN ONE WEEK!!!! No wonder I felt like I did nothing else! :(

At that moment, I decided something had to give and I started considering my options. I wanted to try the new(ish) Google tabbed interface, but my first experience hadn’t been a good one. I needed to create an easier way, so this is how I started… Continue reading

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Simple, Fluffy Joy

Little dogs as simple petsOk, so it seems that I make choices that complicate, rather than simplify, my life. But sometimes they are a GREAT decision anyway. Zeus is the perfect example. Isn’t he adorable? Continue reading

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Taking Better Care of Me… Inside and Out

A long journey back to health - How I'm taking care of myself on the trip.The journey back to healthy is a S-L-O-W one. Taking the time and the effort to take care of me — inside and out — as I travel this road, is essential. Continue reading

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Sudsy, Super-Awesome, Solid Shampoo

The best solid shampoo bar EVER!The Trouble with Bar Shampoos

I’ve probably tried a dozen or more solid shampoos in the course of trying to find one that’s actually tolerable. Until this week, I’d been an abysmal failure. The bars I’ve tried not only didn’t suds up well, they literally coated every one of my fine, stick-straight hairs with a gooey film that REFUSED to be rinsed out. They left my hair feeling sticky and looking dirty. I love the idea of solid “bar” style shampoos. I love the fact that they are small, compact, not liquid and easy to use for travel (without the drama you get with liquids through airports these days). And now, I’ve found my solution… Continue reading

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My Simple Eating Voyage

Making eating simple!I said I was going to simplify my food back in January. I’ll have to admit, it’s been a little challenging. Trying to eat simple foods means avoiding nearly everything that’s packaged as “convenience.” I read labels on everything — I always have, but not with such a critical eye!

The main meals are lean meat (mostly chicken breast), eggs, gently cooked veggies, nuts, steel cut oats, quinoa, and fresh fruits. I know, I know, it sounds boring — but it’s pretty good. Reducing my options has the unexpected bonus of increasing my streamlined food plan (which follows below): Continue reading

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