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  • Baen eBook Library
  • eBooks Search Tool
    Look up the ebook you want – and find the best place to download the format you need.
  • Feedbooks
    Offers free versions of public domain books AND some free original volumes.
  • Gutenberg
    My very first (and therefore forever favorite) free ebook site, for many years now.

  • My Bookmarks

  • DanvilleComputerDoc
    Computer repair and website design services
  • WhatIsRightSizing
    Scaling down and simplifying for the next phase of life
  • WickedBlog
    Personal Blog of Angela Allen
  • WickedWriter

  • Privacy/Security Breaches

  • Apple and Google transmitting iPhone and Android User Location to Databanks Every Day
    Android phones and iPhones now report the location of their users (and a slew of other information) to Google and Apple. Users are being tracked without their permission and unencrypted logs of every place the users have been are being stored on the iPhon
  • DropBox Service Security Dud
    DropBox is a popular cloud-based storage option – but how secure is your info? Not very.
  • Facebook Security: Oxymoron?
    Can people NOT on your friend’s list see your comments? Probably.
  • Homeland Security to Oversee Cybersecurity in Private Sector
    Cybersecurity measures by the Department of Homeland Security and they now include the private sector. Things that make you go… WTH?
  • Is your SSN and Tax info Visible Online?
    Interesting instance of simple searches used to uncover ssn information, names, income, addresses and other “private” information — along with some simple tips for protecting your own.
  • Michigan Police Use Device to Search Cell Phones During Routine Traffic Stops
    Mich. Police are using a data mining device to copy the entire contents of motorist’s cell phones without a warrant, and without any notification of the individual, during routine traffic stops.
  • National Digital ID?
    The Obama administration said today that it’s moving ahead with a plan for broad adoption of Internet IDs despite concerns about identity centralization, and hopes to fund pilot projects next year. Read more:
  • Need to Know Basis
    Why? Because the DHS and other branches not only want to KNOW information about journalists, writers and social networkers — they also want to SHARE that information. *Cheers!*
  • Sick are Signing Away Free Speech
    Have you read your privacy policy at the doctor’s office recently? At the dentist? Maybe you should. I walked out of a dr’s office that wanted my SSN and a photo copy of my driver’s license and refused to let me decline an objectionable portion of their p
  • Spy Phones – No Excuses
    If you have a smart phone, others have access to all your activities.
  • Supreme Court Approves Illegal Home Invasion
    The Indiana Supreme Court just held that illegal entry by police officers with or without cause and without a warrant is constitutional. The next week, the US Supreme Court held that warrantless, forceable entry by Kentucky Police was not Unconstitutional
  • Supreme Court Says Illegal Home Invasion is OK
    The Indiana Supreme Court just held that illegal entry by police officers with or without cause and without a warrant is constitutional. The next week, the US Supreme Court held that warrantless, forced entry by Kentucky police was not unconstitutional, o
  • Your Car is a Spy
    As if having your cell phones keep tabs on you isn’t enough, not the government is demanding that your car will too!
  • Your iPhone is Tracking You
    Not only does it track it on the iphone, it backs up the places you go with time/date stamps on your computer when you sync.

  • Saving Money

  • Free Online Word Processors
    I you don’t need a full-featured word procedssor on your computer – or if you are using a tablet and want online tools, this list may save you some time and trouble.

  • Tiny Houses

  • Beautiful Backyard House
    Take a tour of beautiful online phtos of a tiny house built of recycled materials.
  • Great DIY bookshelves/desk
    Great design and easy instructions to create a budget desk and shelves unit, while offering a great deal of flexibility, desk surface and storage space. Ideal for creating a “private” office in small spaces by using the storage of books as a “wall” for pr
  • Resource for small space appliances
    One of my favorite resources for what’s available (I usually price check their items against Amazon’s offerings, however.)

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