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Taking Better Care of Me… Inside and Out

A long journey back to health - How I'm taking care of myself on the trip.The journey back to healthy is a S-L-O-W one. Taking the time and the effort to take care of me — inside and out — as I travel this road, is essential. Continue reading

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Keeping Skinny Jeans? Difficulty Ditching Clothes? Me too.

Are you keeping skinny jeans?I just read a great article over on Sparkpeople. It talked about how keeping those “skinny jeans” in your closet may actually NOT inspire you to lose weight. It said the practice of hoarding clothes to shrink into may actually hurt your weight loss progress. Go figure.

That was interesting and it makes sense (lower self esteem, demeaning yourself every time you look in the closet, refusing to see that age and childbirth changes your proportions).

The most interesting thing about the article was a reference to a survey conducted by Talbots back in 2006. Continue reading

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Why My Wardrobe is (Mostly) Black

Black makes a simple wardrobe easy and preferable! Here's why...

First and foremost, I like black. I just do. Let me explain why I prefer a dark wardrobe for my simple life… Continue reading

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Simple Wardrobe: The Domino Effect

The domino effect of a simple wardrobeI was over on BecomingMinimalist.com today and saw a great article on the “Domino Effect” of making simplifying choices in your life. I wanted to share the example they gave, with those who are following my (long-term) journey to creating a simple wardrobe, because the example used was this:

Pretty soon simplicity becomes second nature. The domino effect of simple living takes over and you’ll be amazed where it can lead.

  • Cleaning out your closets –> leads to utilizing a smaller wardrobe more effectively
  • Using a smaller wardrobe more effectively –> leads to making fewer purchases
  • Making fewer purchases –> leads to saving more of your money
  • Saving more of your money –> leads to getting out of debt
  • Getting out of debt –> leads to less financial stress
  • Less financial stress –> leads to greater personal freedom
  • Greater personal freedom –> leads to more time to pursue your dreams
  • Time to pursue your dreams –> leads to increased happiness and personal fulfillment.

I thought it was a great illustration, worthy of sharing. :)

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Simple Way to Visualize Your Goal Weight

Want an easy way to stay motivated as you eat healthier, exercise and resist all most temptation? Try http://www.modelmydiet.com/. It’s a cool little tool with lots of options to help you create a model with your body shape, your hair, and your current weight and goal weight. Continue reading

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