3 Ingredients, 15 minutes: Simple Chocolate Mousse

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June 12, 2014
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3 Ingredients, 15 minutes: Simple Chocolate Mousse

During the beginning of my quest for simple foods, whole foods, REAL foods, I had a few moments of total weakness. You know the ones… those moments when I was certain that a severe deficiency of the vitamin “ice cream” and the mineral “chocolate” would cause my untimely demise. But, instead of giving in — I found a simple real food solution…

Getting Past Bad Examples

I watched my better half devour ice cream straight from the carton and I — aside from glaring at him — longed for that feeling of frozen goodness again. After denying myself all sugar and all chocolate for about two months — about the time it took for me to stop craving at all and decide I could exert a little restraint — I decided to allow myself to try one of my favorite things — ice cream — but I had to find a way to do it and remain inside my simple food goals.

So, I experimented a bit. I tried it plain, I tried it with a touch of honey and vanilla, and I finally tried it with a bit of cocoa. I froze it, I whipped it, I ate it this way and that.

What finally (and accidentally) resulted was a Chocolate Mousse recipe — not an ice cream substitute — that is quickly becoming a favorite dessert in my house. I eat it when I need something a little more wicked than fresh fruit.

Even the Honey Badger (who eschews all things healthy) loves it — and my 16-year-old daughter will literally bounce in the kitchen to be the one to lick the bowl.

The Simple Food Dessert that Resulted

The final product is a thick, rich, chocolaty, creamy, foray into decadence — and it’s made with organic cream, raw honey and real cocoa powder — and nothing else.

Taste Testing

I whipped up a batch yesterday morning in our office kitchenette (which is an awesome addition to ANY office — especially if you are trying to eat healthy!!!) and offered a taste to Deborah, who handles our front office these days (YAY!) and to one of our favorite clients, Katy (who is one brave lady and accepts any challenge I throw at her — technology-based or foodie stuff!). It’s one thing to have a chocolate deprived teen say it’s good or a well-meaning significant other. It’s something else to have other people give you an opinion.

Both the ladies loved it and Katy asked me for the recipe for an event she has on Thursday. Since I had no idea what my proportions were — I had to make another batch and try actually measuring them — so I could give her the recipe. 🙂

Here you go, Katy! You will need the following ingredients, in (approximately) the following proportions.

Angela’s Simple Mousse Recipe

  • 1 cup organic heavy cream
  • 1/4 cup cocoa powder
  • 1/8 cup raw organic honey

Below are the photos showing the steps from liquid to whipped goodness.

How I Make Mine

I don’t use a recipe (obviously). I just “eye-ball” it. I make it a little more chocolaty or a little less sweet, depending on my mood. With the honey, less is more — you don’t want an overpowering honey taste, just add enough honey so the sweetness will balance the bitter from the cocoa. You can add a bit of real vanilla if you want a richer experience (I make my own — using whole vanilla beans sealed up with vodka in a glass jar for a few months).

I whip it up by hand in my copper bowl (Thank you honey-badger, I love my bowl!) using a simple whisk. You might use more mechanical means — but I find that a heavy, solid copper bowl makes the absolute best whipped cream!

Katy said she didn’t have a pastry bag with a fancy tip, so I used a sandwich bag (with the end clipped) to swirl it into a little glass I had in the back cabinet at the office.

Although I didn’t do it in my example, you can top the mousse with chocolate shavings, chopped nuts, sprinkles, or whatever you like. Enjoy!

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