A Senior Gypsy Life For Me?

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December 4, 2012
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December 16, 2012
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A Senior Gypsy Life For Me?


Traveling light - Gypsy travel bag

I’ve always said I should have been a turtle. I like tiny, clutter-free, well organized spaces.

Today, my friend Julie Collins of Bluestem Marketing has directed me to an article about senior citizens who have clipped all their ties to the world of material possessions and taken to the road. They call themselves “senior gypsies” and are enjoying an life of international travel and a single suitcase each.

I LOVE this. Maybe, since the boyfriend has started to turn a corner and start to embrace travel, this is something I might do someday. Right now, I need to get my last child raised and on her own… but it could happen!

What an exciting concept! Love it.


  1. Angela, So glad you enjoyed the article. The only flaw I see in your logic, however, is that you move much too fast to be a turtle!