Do You Look Forward To Each Day?

How you spend your time matters. If you do what you love, work is a joy. Even when it is difficult and challenging, it is a blessing. Playing is as important as working. Your vocation, career, hobbies and past-times sculpt your life into art… one day at a time.

So your time matters. After all, time is all you have in this life — and you don’t know exactly how much of it you will get. You can enjoy it, waste it, sell or rent hours of your day to others, or lose them. But once gone, that time is not coming back.

Shouldn’t you do your best to enjoy all aspects of your day? That’s the goal of Simple Work and Play!

These articles will discuss ways to enjoy work and play more. They will include methods for making your time more effective, more creative and more satisfying.

(There will be a special focus on those who are creative, self-employed and are making their own, self-sufficient way in the world.)