Advantages of a Man Who Likes Living Large

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Advantages of a Man Who Likes Living Large

Bed and Breakfast Suite

The honey-badger and I live a relatively small life. Mine smaller than his. I don't have a storage unit, for instance -- his is so packed, I fear it will spontaneously explode. I prefer small and organized to large and in total disarray. Po-TA-to, Po-TAAAA-To. That battle will go on... probably forever, and that's ok. The universe needs balance, right?

The Big Deal

With that said, on my birthday this year and he had a "living large" experience planned out for me. He's taking me to Ashville, NC, where he's booked us a couple nights in the fanciest Bed and Breakfast I've ever seen. For those two nights we will have "living large" luxury -- and I must admit, I'm really looking forward to it! It was such a surprise, and the anticipation is keeping me giggling and smiling.

He's talking about going to tour Biltmore, which he claims has a fireplace so enormous that our entire little cabin would fit inside. I know what he's trying to do (you know, besides give me a birthday of a lifetime) -- he's trying to convert me to the desire to live large. It won't work, of course, but I do plan to enjoy his valiant attempts. Besides, being able to go and enjoy the living large lifestyle on occasion, and then return to our tiny house and continue on my path to downsizing, will be fun. Variety is the spice of life.

This approach seems so much nicer (and more fiscally and psychologically sound) than those people who live large and struggle to maintain it all and vacation by visiting a rustic cabin in the middle of the woods. ;)

Update: Photos from the trip


The Bed and Breakfast

We truly enjoyed the peace and quiet, the delivered (and delicious!) breakfasts and the fido-friendly nature of the Cloisters suite at 1900 Inn on Monford. It was wonderful!

The Spa Room

Welcome Basket for our Fur Babies

Kitchenette in our suite

King Size Sleeping

A place to write my thoughts

Breakfast is delivered!

Breakfast treats for the babies

Everyone was happy with the Man!

Food Makes Travel Even Better

We had some amazing meals while in Asheville. Trying new food is one of my FAVORITE parts of traveling. Look at these tidbits we enjoyed for my birthday dinner at Limones.

Lobster nachos for the man

Scallops (oh my! -- and all mine!)

Seafood Bisque

My Birthday Steak

Exploring Asheville

We went out and about to look around one day and found (to the great excitement of the Man) the Moog Factory. We took the tour, which was really cool, even for me. And we bought a Theremin for the office. Now, if only I can learn to play Star-Trek music on it! :)The Man, knowing me as well as he does, located Cherry Tree Beads and was kind enough to enjoy the leather couches and not rush me while I browsed for a couple hours to select my favorites from among the thousands of options. What a guy!

The bed and breakfast was so nice that we skipped Biltmore the day after my birthday, in order to thoroughly enjoy some "down-time" in the suite. We decided to order in pizza. This was one of the HEAVIEST and cheesiest pizzas I've ever seen. I think it weighed about seven pounds. It was delivered to our suite by Del Vecchios so we didn't have to venture out -- not even for food.

We ate it by the fire, watched a movie and then took a long soak in the 2-person Jacuzzi tub in the spa room. It was such a hard day, right? This trip was almost enough to make me want MORE birthdays, instead of fewer!

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