The Advantages of a Man Who Likes Living Large

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The Advantages of a Man Who Likes Living Large


The honey-badger and I live a relatively small life. (Mine smaller than his.) I don’t have a storage unit, for instance — whereas his is so packed, I sometimes fear it will spontaneously explode.

I prefer small and organized and clean, he prefers over-sized and total disarray. Po-TA-to, Po-TAAAA-To. That battle will go on… probably forever, and that’s ok. The universe needs balance, right?

With that said, tomorrow is my birthday and my guy has a “living large” experience planned for me. He’s trying to convert me again. Isn’t that cute? *smirk*

He’s taking me to Ashville, NC, where he’s booked us a couple nights in the fanciest Bed and Breakfast I’ve ever seen. It’s a pet-friendly place, so the puppies will be going with us! For those two nights we will be immersed in “living large” luxury — and I must admit, I’m looking forward to it! It was such a surprise when he unveiled the plans. The anticipation is keeping me giggling and smiling.

Our Bed and Breakfast suite in the Carriage House is bigger than our home. (The suite is 1300 square feet — the cabin is under 800.)

He’s talking about going to tour The Biltmore Estate — which he claims has a fireplace so enormous that our entire little cabin would fit inside. I think that might be a slight exaggeration, but I know what he’s trying to do (you know, besides giving me a birthday of a lifetime) — he’s trying to use the Biltmore convert me to the desire to live large.

It won’t work either, of course, but I do plan to enjoy his valiant attempts.  😉

Being able to go and enjoy the living large lifestyle on occasion, and then return to our tiny house and continue on my path to downsizing, will be a fun change of pace. This approach seems so much smarter than those people who live large every day, struggling to maintain (and afford it all) and vacation by visiting a rustic cabin in the middle of the woods.

Tiny Houses on the Streets of Ashville NC

Our little fur-baby, Puntin, found some tiny houses on the downtown streets of Ashville, North Carolina

Update: After the wonderful weekend away, I will say that I thoroughly enjoyed my man’s thoughtful gift. The highlights were the amazing details in the suite — the woodwork, stonework and fireplaces — and the spa-tub and the HUGE glass-walled walk-through shower. The best bonus — having a beautiful and yummy breakfast delivered and the luxury of time away shared with my man. (See photos of the suite below.)

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Bed and Breakfast at 1900 Montford in Ashville NC

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