Bargain Shopping for Evernote-Type Wild Business Socks

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Bargain Shopping for Evernote-Type Wild Business Socks

best price on socks like those on Evernote

Yes, my wardrobe may be bland by most measures, but my socks… well they are always OUTSTANDING. I hate boring socks. I like eye-popping color on my toes. Call me crazy — you won’t be the first.

With the new website design business launch, I wanted to upgrade my look a little and go a little less casual and a little more polished. But, I didn’t want to lose my wild socks. I wanted a set of socks, like the ones that are offered on Evernote. I wanted these because I wear black all the time, I wanted to *appear* to be professional, and I still wanted to entertain the child in me that enjoys a bit of the bizarre — kept safely from view by the casual observer.

So, I’ve looked around… for a few months… online and off.

The Evernote socks cost $85.00 for a set of five. I found mine, branded by Esprit, for $6.99 for a set of six at Gordman’s in Lexington, Kentucky. Now, mine don’t have the wild stripes around the foot area, but they have that unexpected pop of color (at the toe, heel and top) on a traditional black dress sock and the only part you will see when I’m wearing them is a solid, respectable black. And, if I’m feeling particularly wild, I might mix the colors and wear NON-Matching Socks — because that’s the way I roll. Wild, I’m tellin’ ya!



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