Blog Round Up 4/6/2011

Perfection rather than collecting
Collecting Can Stop Now!
April 1, 2011
Compact wood-burning stove for tiny houses
Wood Heater for a Tiny House
April 8, 2011
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Blog Round Up 4/6/2011

I’ve written a few blogs for clients and have found a few excellent ones that inspire me and I wanted to share them all here. Here’s the first installment.

WhatIsRightSizing? – This blog is aimed at seniors, but the most recent blog is about taking baby steps to conquering the clutter. Stay tuned for more “rightsizing” advice on this blog!

HowComeYourHouseDidNotSell – This blog gives homeowners (who want to sell a home in today’s difficult housing market) tips and advice on how to make the sale happen. In this most recent blog, advice is offered to make your kitchen show well. The piece offers some advice useful to simplicity-minded folks (even if you are renting!) for making the most of your space and making a tiny kitchen work better and look great!

WickedBlog – This blog has a floorplan layout (created in SketchUp, by Google) for an under 800 sq ft cabin designed and built by the owner (with some help from amazing family and friends!) that covers all the basics and not a single thing more.

ReNest – A great before and after blog on an owner-remade and dramatically updated little kitchen on a shoestring budget. Great find while I was researching DIY kitchen resources online.

Apartment Therapy – Great photo of an unusual approach to open kitchen cabinets made beautiful with renewable, bamboo materials.

Instructables – Make your own space-savvy, and comfortable “plank chair” (not to mention easy-to-disassemble and store/pack/move). I’ve seen versions of these that are quite ornate some years back. A great DIY project!

Popular Mechanics – Detailed plans for how to make a classic-styled convertible folding chair/step-stool. Simply lovely! And these plans create an easy way to keep all your tools organized in a small space. And strong chests/seating areas (just add pillows!) can be found in these DIY plans.

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