Cheap Phone Service for Remote Locations

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Cheap Phone Service for Remote Locations

Home Phone Option for Remote Locations

I cut my telephone land line years ago. This far out, it was lousy… AND expensive. The problem was that I wanted a “home office” phone number that WASN’T my cell phone. This was especially important since my cell phone service inside the cabin was pathetic. (Besides, I trimmed my cell phone minutes down to save money, but still needed a way to make unlimited calls to run my business.)

Enter the new Verizon Home Connect service. This cellular “home phone” service has been great. I’ve used it for several months now, and have NO complaints. For $20 per month, I have unlimited local and long distance calling.

I did make the decision to purchase the equipment, rather than signing up for a 2-year contract. Why? Because the termination fee was about the same as the equipment cost — and I despise being obligated.

I live in a remote location and my AT&T cell phone doesn’t do so well. The Verizon service does a much better job. Since I didn’t want additional charges on my Internet service (via MiFi), I opted for this solution.

There’s also a mobility bonus — you can take it with you anywhere and have your “home” or “home office” phone with you. It even has a short battery life (about two hours) for a wire-free mobile solution — just be sure you have a standard low-tech handset for travel (one that doesn’t require a power source). You can pick one of those up at any department store for $5-6.00.

From a simple living (and low-cost) standpoint, it’s a winner!

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