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March 2, 2011
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April 6, 2011
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Collecting Can Stop Now!

Perfection rather than collecting

I’ll admit it. I LOVE to go on treasure hunts. I adore Goodwill. I can’t pass a junk shop. I could antique for hours and have been known to spend the entire day in a bookstore (both new and used varieties). I’ve spent my adult life finding amazing things to furnish and decorate my home.

Now, granted, I’ve been living like a nomad for the last few years — and much of the “stuff” I found was stored until I could finish the cabin. So, now that the cabin is complete, I’m stuck with a bunch of stuff that isn’t the perfect fit I anticipated.

Since I’m still in the process of decorating, there are a few things that are in the “it’s not gonna work” pile and several more in that “it just might work when I get closer to finished” stack.

I’m a simplicity nut and I’m finding my tiny dwelling overrun with stuff. It distresses me. And then… it occurred to me…

I don’t have to “make do” anymore. I’m living in my final dwelling. Everything should be perfect. If it’s not perfect, I’m brave enough to toss it out. I really am. How liberating is THAT?

Quite, I must admit. So now, in my new tiny home, I’m going through and tossing stuff that I don’t find perfect for my current — and permanent — home. I don’t have to store anything that I’m not using. Nothing. Nada!

So, despite my clutter overwhelm at the moment, I’m thrilled. It’s a problem that I don’t have to continue to revisit. I fix it once and just prevent myself from bringing anything in, unless I take something else out.

I can still treasure hunt. I can still have fun… but only if it’s something I need that’s better, prettier, or more pleasing than the version I currently have. My physical surroundings will improve through upgrades and I’ll be giving away, donating or selling the items that are replaced.

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