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Hi, I'm Angela. I'm a writer, a web designer, technology junkie and a living small enthusiast. I built my own tiny house -- just under 800 square feet -- with a great deal of help from my amazingly talented father. I live on a beautiful swath of 25-acres of wooded land and enjoy the freedom that my smaller lifestyle affords me -- like traveling in my conversion van whenever the spirit moves me.

I have been writing about senior issues for over a dozen years. In particular, I write about alternative housing options, aging-in-place, clutter-busting, senior health issues, improving quality of life and pursuing adventures through travel. Because I love technology, I also write about high-tech solutions for seniors and cutting edge technologies that I find interesting and useful.

I have recently become an empty-nester myself and am excited to explore this new chapter of my life! If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a line in the form below or leave me a comment on one of my posts!

Voluntary Simplicity, Tiny Houses and Life with JUST Enough

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Occasionally, if I have a product I actually use and recommend, I'll link it up here on the website for your convenience. I don't just hock products for no particular reason (After all, this site is mostly about NOT buying things all willy-nilly!) However, to meet the requirements of their operating agreement, I must state that, "As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.” So there you have it.