Easy DIY Fancy Hair

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Easy DIY Fancy Hair

Pretty DIY Hair, Quick and No Cost

My daughter’s 8th Grade Dance was last night. She wanted something special for her hair and I wanted to do it myself. This is what we did.

Like me, she has straight hair, so we added volume by french braiding (in two braids) her damp (and gelled) hair the morning of the dance and sent her to school that way.

When she came home that afternoon, we took down the braids and brushed through her (now thick and wavy looking) hair. I braided two tiny braids at both temples and used tiny, clear rubberbands to secure the braids.

Next, I pulled back a piece of hair from both sides, twisting them loosely and securing them together with a clear rubberband. I used a tool (similar to a huge plastic needle) to thread the end of the attached hair through at the base next to her scalp, making a flip and ensuring it stayed loose.

Then, I grabbed two more pieces of hair from either side, twisted them and included the tiny braids in this loose ponytail along with the “tail” from the one above. I flipped them and continued to the next layer.

Once all layers were finished, I attached the bottom with a decorated rubberband, turned the ends under with a curling iron, created two temple tendrils with tiny whisps of hair and threaded fresh daisies from the farm through the rubberbands down the back to hide the “connection” and bring a little spring to her “do” — and the whole process only took about 20 minutes (including gathering the flowers!)

Her dance was formal and daisies are a little informal — but they had serious lasting power and still looked fresh after five hours — and a LOT of dancing!

Pretty DIY Hair, Quick and No Cost

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