Eggs: Poached vs. Boiled

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August 12, 2015
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Eggs: Poached vs. Boiled


eggs poached or boiled
My mother shared this tip a few years ago — and it’s a quick tip that makes it easier and faster to create any dish that requires chopped boiled eggs. Rather than boiling your eggs, try hard-poaching them and then chopping. It’s great for making egg salad, for adding eggs to tuna salad, or even to a tossed salad. (It also works for any other recipe that needs chopped boiled eggs).


  • Poaching is faster than boiling
  • No peeling! Woot!
  • Easier chopping

The flatter form factor of the poached egg means fewer acrobatics are required to chop. No more chasing a slippery round egg all over your cutting board. No more boiled eggs leaping to the floor while you are trying to chop. It’s just easier.

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