Fantastic Tiny House

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Fantastic Tiny House

I found a great post today over on and wanted to share this 320 square foot house with you. The photos are great (but you will have to visit to see the rest — I merely stole and reposted this one to tease you with what’s going on over there.

The layout of this minimalistic house takes tremendous pains to bring the great outdoors IN, giving the impression of a larger space. It covers all the necessities and has two bedrooms! Personally, I’d convert one of them into an office. 🙂


  1. Zoe Lassen-Purser says:

    I absolutely LOVE this house! I found it a few months ago, I think on I think I’d use space differently in the bathroom, and I definitely wouldn’t use their convertible furniture in the living room, but other than that I totally love it. I hope plans/kits are available by the time I’m ready to build a small house!