Finally! A Wireless Bra That Works!

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May 5, 2015
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July 22, 2015
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Finally! A Wireless Bra That Works!

Simple Lingerie Wardrobe

I was at Walmart the other day — yeah, I know, I hate that place too, but I was there with someone else. While running through the aisles (as quickly as possible to get what she needed and get the heck out) I saw a black wireless bra.

The Problem With Wireless Bras

I don’t usually do the wireless bra thing, since “tube boob” has never been my favorite silhouettes, but this one looked a little different. It looked like it might offer some actual shaping and lifting — not an easy task since I’m not an A or B… or C cup. It intrigued me. So I got one to try, since the price was right. I was a bit skeptical since the sizing was a general sort of S, M, L, XL, but somehow that sizing system worked.

It was three days later when I took the RN number from the bra before I washed it (in case it disappeared) and bought four more just like it online. All in black, of course. 🙂

Simple Solutions for Lingerie

I can now put my bras through the washing machine. They also hand wash quickly and easily. They don’t require the special care and the “storing flat” and all the other bothersome stuff that my fancy “pushup” lacy ones do. And comfort? Oh… my! The most comfortable bras I’ve ever worn — including the Tube making variety.  They are so comfortable, I even wear them to sleep. On purpose. Seriously.

My underwear just got a lot more simple, thankfully. Will I keep a racy black lacy underwire number? Yup. Sometimes I want that. I’ll save that for special occasions. Most days, I just want to be comfortable without looking like I’m wearing a sports bra. If you are looking for the same thing, you might want to give one of these wireless numbers a try.

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