Food Should Be Simple – Diets Should Be Healthy and EASY!

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a better backpack
A Sturdy Basic Design for an Essential Product
December 7, 2013
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Food Should Be Simple – Diets Should Be Healthy and EASY!

Simple food, simple eating plan

Simple food, simple eating plan

I’m trying an experiment beginning today. It’s one of those experiments that leaves my significant other rolling his eyes (oh, and he refused to eat most of his breakfast this morning). It’s one of those experiments that, like the simple wardrobe endeavor, is probably WAY PAST DUE in my life.

I’m ready to simplify my food.


I’ve always LOVED cooking. I have a mother who is amazing in the kitchen. Her creations are the talk of the family (and any others lucky enough to attend one of her many “events” that center on food dressed up in properly garnished, beautifully color-balanced edibles on amazing crystal and china).

I like dishes — not like my mother likes them, but I like them. I eat with sterling. I prefer crystal to glass. I like porcelain and bone china. I have my mother’s genes. But, unlike my thin and willpower-endowed mother, I also like to eat — I like it A LOT.

Sure, I am known for my organic preferences and my “wholesome” menus. But (especially lately) if I don’t have the time or the energy to cook properly, I fall COMPLETELY off the good food wagon and find myself regularly visiting drive through windows and bakeries and the junk food aisle. My children aren’t at home anymore (so I cook less and don’t feel as compelled to set a good example) and the Honey Badger and I stay busy lately, with the care and nurture of the new storefront business, so it seems only logical that fast food is a good answer — or at least an easy one.

That was 50 pounds ago. I actually weighed 50 pounds less three years ago when the Badger and I started dating. FIFTY pounds.  5-0. That’s flipping HORRIBLE. I purchased my simple wardrobe about 30 pounds in, but now I’m outgrowing my simple wardrobe. 🙁

Forget Vanity – Let’s Talk Health!

In addition to the hit on my self-esteem, I’ve had problems with my back, my knees, my ankles, and every joint I have hurts on a regular basis. I’m not a stupid woman and I’m well aware that what I’m doing is slowly killing me. I’m also aware that it’s reducing my quality of life to something WAY below where I want it to be.  AND… I’m tired all the time.

I hate feeling this way and despise the fact that we seem to be spending every spare dime to feed ourselves — because eating out is darn expensive! And we won’t even talk about the lethargy created when one subsists (barely) on fast food.

As you probably suspect, I’ve been wrestling with this for awhile. I usually get disgusted and give up trying to figure it out … and soothe myself with a dish of ice-cream or tortilla’s and dip. (Because that helps, right?)

Planning, Planning, Planning – I’m So Sick of It!

I’ve been trying to find time to come up with easy menus so I’ll start cooking again. I need to reduce the amount of time I spend figuring out “what’s for dinner” and “what’s for lunch” — that question causes the biggest stress between me and my man. (It’s a decision we both HATE making — so we push it to the last minute, effectively eliminating all the healthy options.)

I want to have the answer “at the ready” and I want this three-times-a-day chore to be more automated and to require less of my creative and financial resources. I’ve looked at different diets (from not only a weight loss standpoint, but a health standpoint). I’ve driven myself crazy trying to figure it out and trying to create healthy meals that my very picky significant other will eat.

A Bit of A Challenge

The Honey Badger doesn’t like “rabbit food” or “greens” or broccoli, or peas or most veggies. He likes potatoes (preferably deep fried) or baked — but the baked ones have to be approximately the size of a human head or he complains about the tiny potatoes.

Then he slathers up the baked mound of starchy mess with over a half a stick of butter, which makes it the same as deep fried — possibly worse. He likes to add variety to his food by rotating between greasy Mexican food, pizza, and burgers. At home, he likes chicken or grilled steak or hamburgers — but only if they are served with potatoes and some form of dessert (never fresh fruit, it needs to be cake or ice cream or pies.) *sigh*

Needless to say, it’s been difficult to find a good balance between the way I used to eat and the way that he prefers to eat. I’ve joined his pattern, and I think it might just kill me if I continue.

What’s Worked Before

I had a good thing going once, when I was basing my food on micronutrients as well as the macros. The problem is, it took up a HUGE chunk of my free time and I found myself obsessing about food all the time: what to fix, how to fix it, what to include and what spices and other things I needed to add to meet my daily requirements and to “get” all the macro and micros needed for my personal best. I measured everything. I recorded everything. I cross referenced all the macros and micros and added them up manually each day, because there is no pre-packaged program that tracks everything I was tracking.

It worked. I felt better than I’ve ever felt, never felt hungry, and the weight just melted off. The problem is, it took up WAY more of my time than I’m willing (or able) to devote to it now. I want food to nourish my body and to improve my life — I don’t want to spend that life overwhelmed with the task of nourishing my body.

What I Want

I want my food to be fuel, not entertainment. I don’t want to eat because I’m bored (I’d rather read a book, or paint, or write, or watch a movie or take a nap — or ANYTHING else). I don’t want to eat so much bad stuff that I experience deep-seated cravings which lead me on eating rampages, trying to find whatever it is my body is screaming for. That just makes me over eat and feel yucky.

The fact is, people live longer when they are a little hungry on a regular basis. It’s proven. The advantages of under-feeding my body a little may be enough to overcome slight deficiencies in micro/macro nutrients. I dunno. What I DO know is that eating the “all american super-sized” diet I’m on right now isn’t working. I’m ready to feel better.

I Hate Exercise and Blowing Cash

I have determined that I despise exercise, I’m not sure it I would hate it less if I were smaller and if my joints hurt less — but I think I might. As it is now, I have neither the time nor the desire to exercise. I hope it changes, but for now I’ll work with things the way they are.

I’m taking charge of making some needed changes. I’m fixing it. I have discussed it with the Honey Badger and I although I doubt he will join me in this experiment, I don’t think he will intentionally sabotage me. (Please note the word “intentionally.”)

I think we can save money with my experiment too — granted, he will probably continue to spend money to eat out — but feeding one that way won’t cost as much as doing it for two.

What I Know

  • I know that when I’m eating sugar, I want more. My father is diabetic and I think genetics may have something to do with it. I know that when I don’t eat sugar, I don’t crave it anymore (once I get past the feeling like I’m gonna die without it).
  • I know that the more processed food is, the worse it is for a human body.
  • I know that processed and marketed foods cost more than the type grown and harvested from the soil.
  • I know I’m not interested (at this point) in going vegan or vegetarian. I may get there someday, but today is not that day.
  • I know that when I have the meal thing figured out, the quality of my life improves.
  • I know that when I look in the mirror and like what I see, I have a better day.
  • I know it’s past time for a change.

The Plan

I’m going to follow a pretty simple eating plan to start (I can tweak it as time goes on).

Breakfast (eaten between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m.)

  • Water and/or Black Coffee (iced)
  • A serving of protein (to be defined more specifically later)
  • A serving of grain (non-processed)
  • A serving of fruit
  • A serving of vegetables

Lunch (eaten between 12 and 2:00)

  • Water and/or Tea (iced)
  • A serving of protein
  • Two servings of raw vegetables (salad works, as long as iceberg isn’t included)
  • A serving of fruit

Dinner (eaten between 6 and 8 p.m.)

  • Water and/or Tea (iced)
  • A serving of protein
  • Two servings of cooked vegetables (salad works, as long as iceberg isn’t included)
  • A serving of whole grain

What’s Off Limits

  • Processed Sugars
  • Processed Grains
  • Processed Fats
  • Soy and Corn (GMO concerns) and any other GMO food I can identify
  • Artificial Fats/Sugars/Colors/Flavors
  • Anything from the west coast (Northern CA and Washington State in Particular) or other areas impacted by Fukushima’s nuclear mess – including fish, vegetables, fruits

I’m still working on “serving size” and a “mix and match” list of items that are easy to find, inexpensive, and nutritionally dense. Once I complete that list, I’ll share it here on

In the meantime, I’m enjoying the concept of simplifying my diet in the same way I’ve simplified my wardrobe. The wardrobe is still being tweaked (but not obsessively so) and I expect the same will be true of the diet.

With a simple diet, making a simple menu, and a simple weekly shopping list will leave me more room to be creative in other areas of my life. Sure, if I want to get creative with a dish that’s within these guidelines, I can — but I don’t have to.

Yay! I’m feeling liberated already!


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  3. Chandra says:

    I can’t wait to read what you end up coming up with for your mix and match list of items. Honey Badger sound EXACTLY like my husband when it comes to food. Fruits? Nope. Vegetables?? Nope. Okay, well how about potatoes??? French fried ONLY. AAAARGH! I’ve changed some things in our household over the years to make things healthier, but I’m always open to new ideas. My latest change has been to take regular dinner ideas like tacos (yes, he is also a Mexican food, pizza, burgers, or wings kinda guy) and put it over a bed of good greens. He eats his normally and I make mine a with a healthy spin on it. There is of course other things I’ve done to make it healthier for us both too like using organic grass fed beef (really all my meat I buy is organic now and most of whatever else I buy), eliminating any gluten from our diet (we do cheat sometimes, but not very often), using almond meal for chicken strips, snacking on pistachios instead of chips, etc. I haven’t gotten him to eat a salad yet, but I can’t sit by and watch him kill himself either, lol.

    Anyway, can’t wait for you to share what you figure out!

    • Angela Allen says:

      Thanks for stopping by, Chandra! I’m still working out the details, but MY new healthy way of eating is going really well. The Honey Badger whines a lot and only joins me in my meals when he can’t find anything (like a frozen pizza) in the house, and doesn’t feel like going out. But, hey, I’m patient. He will eventually come around when it becomes more trouble to forage for himself than to eat what’s presented. 🙂