Free Ebooks – How to Find the Best

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August 20, 2014
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Free Ebooks – How to Find the Best

How to find the best free ebooks

How to find the best free ebooks

When you are living small, you may still want to have a LARGE library (especially if you are anything like me!). One way to handle these seemingly mutually exclusive desires is to collect all your books in the cloud and use a thin ebook reader or tablet computer to access the collection. I may clean out my closet constantly, I may evaluate everything in my office, every pot and pan in the kitchen, and every product that’s in my bathroom — but I NEVER begrudge myself the 1000’s of books in my account or on my Google Drive. Not once, not ever.

Granted, I’ll need to find a better way to organize them — but that’s a topic for a separate blog (one I’ll write the second I figure out how to efficiently organize all my ebooks!)

For today, I’m going to share a few of the resources I have to find the cream of the crop freebie ebooks. Some are delivered to my inbox daily, some only arrive on occasion. All are worth the hassle of having a few extra emails:

I can’t say that I check the freebies available every single day, but I do several times a week. It’s a time sensitive thing — since some of the books are only free for a few hours before they go back up to regular price. I’ll admit that the days that I skip are usually the days that have the cool books that are no longer available for free when I find them a day later. 🙁

If you can’t bear the thought of having more emails hitting your inbox, there’s another way you can find some great free books directly on Amazon. You can find these books following these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Click the “shop by Department” drop down menu (currently located in the upper left corner just below the Amazon logo).
  3. Hover over “Books & Audible” and select “Kindle Books”
  4. Scroll down to the listing at the bottom of the page and sort by “new and popular” (this should be the default sort preference)
  5. Select a book – yeah, any book.
  6. Scroll down to “Product details” and look for the line that says “Amazon Best Sellers Rank”
  7. Click on the link that says “See Top 100 Paid in Kindle Store”
  8. At the top of the list, beside the “Top 100 Paid” is a link for “Top 100 Free”
  9. Select that option and then throw as many of these into your cloud as your little heart desires.

A quick link to this page is here: Amazon Freebies – but it’s hard to know if that link will work for long (which is why I offered the “find it yourself” steps above.)

And here’s one last option (a non-Amazon flavor): noisetrade. The method to get these freebies is a little convoluted, but there have been some excellent titles there for me.


If you have any additional resources to add for free ebooks – please share with us in the comments!

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