Get on the Tiny House Map!

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Get on the Tiny House Map!

Map of tiny house dwellers, builders and fans

Want to share your love of tiny houses and your physical location on a world-wide map? Now you can!

While perusing the tiny house topics of note today, I tripped across this cool little interactive map.

I added myself to the “Tiny House Map” to hang out with like-minded people who live in tiny houses, build tiny houses and want to communicate about tiny houses. Go check it out. It’s cool.


  1. Dana Merriman says:

    Can a tiny house have a basement? I grew up in tornado-land and plan to retire in same…

    • Angela Allen says:

      Absolutely! I highly recommend that any non-mobile tiny house have a rather high “crawl space” or basement that is accessible from an old-fashioned “trap door” in the floor. That makes it great for going down without having to go outside (and also keeps it invisible, if you like from the outside world). I adds storage space for stockpiling food and supplies and, of course, provides a storm shelter. Take extra time to add a drain in a rock bed around the perimeter, and be sure to take additional steps to waterproof the space to keep it useful. Best wishes on your retirement!

  2. Adrian says:

    Its great but I wish it wasn’t set to America by default. Should be a worldwide display when you open it and let people decide where to go from there. Most people wouldn’t even know to pan to other countries…