I LOVE this Tiny House

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I LOVE this Tiny House

The Minim Tiny House

Many tiny houses I’ve seen have something major lacking — like a single floor for living. Or a “cramped” feeling. Or a lack of decent storage, or no real desk space for work (and I need a large work surface!), or not enough light or insulation, or enough “tech” to suit me. This particular house seems to have it all… I love the blend of the stainless steel and wood (including the floor) that looks like beautiful furniture. And… it’s barely over 200 square feet! Go look!

The only thing that it appears to be missing is a place for clothes – but with my minimal wardrobe, that wouldn’t take too much space. I think I could make this work!

My favorite features include the large roll-out bed (Queen Size), panel heaters, wet bathroom, exposed plumbing (easy to fix!), amazing insulation, lots of windows and natural light, projector screen used as a window shade for use with an LED digital projector (for movie night!), socket floor system (stolen from marine designs, and adding lots of flexibility in layout), large kitchen. Oh, and it’s on WHEELS!

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