Is eBay a Real Option to Declutter?

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January 7, 2013
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January 20, 2013
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Is eBay a Real Option to Declutter?

Options for selling your stuff

Options for selling your stuff

I’ve been using, eBay, etsy and Craigslist to help me dispose of those items deemed “too good” to merely donate. I’ve donated literally TRUCKLOADS of great stuff to Goodwill in the last few weeks, have taken several loads to the dump of things not good enough to donante, and still have way too many “things” for my comfort level.

It’s taking hours to list things on eBay. HOURS of my life… and I’m beginning to wonder if it’s really worth it. Granted, I have a fantastic boyfriend (who also happens to be a professional photographer) helping me get great photos of the items. Even with his help, it’s averaging between one and two hours PER item to get things listed, upload the photos, write the descriptions, respond to buyer’s questions, print out the shipping page, box up the items and take them to the post office to send.

Amazon is faster (no need to write descriptions or take photos of those items they currently carry), so I use that whenever possible. Craigslist takes time and requires photos and Etsy requires “artsy” photos and equally creative descriptions to get items to sell.

I’m going to continue trying this a little longer, but despite the money I’m recovering from my purchases, it has required much more effort and time than I had hoped it would.

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