Is Your Smartphone Stealing Your Private Information?

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Is Your Smartphone Stealing Your Private Information?

Privacy Grades for Your Favorite Smartphone Apps

The apps you use on your iPhone or Android may be collecting a lot more information than you realize. Recently some controversy arose over the permissions required by a flashlight app. How often do you read all the “permissions” before downloading an app? Maybe you should. But for those you already have (and those you want to try soon, there’s a tool to help you make educated decisions.

If you are interested in learning more about the privacy rating of your apps, you can visit This site lists apps and grades them — just like grade school — on how privacy sensitive the apps are.

Do pay attention, however, since not all of the “elements” of each app are analyzed. For instance, Facebook Messenger (an app I’d never use because of the privacy concerns) is rated as an “A” — but only because the really malicious portions are listed as “Not analyzed yet.” Read carefully.

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