Just Read: A Broom of One’s Own (Writing Book)

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Just Read: A Broom of One’s Own (Writing Book)

I have found that I’m enjoying more time to read (as well as to write) once my income-producing client work is done. This usually happens once I’ve set up “camp” for the night and before I drift off to sleep while I’m on my vanning adventure. Heck, with the exception of one night, I’ve slept better and longer than anytime in recent memory.

I write in the early morning (while I’m fresh and creative), then I travel to my next spot (if I’m going to move that day) and then I work on client projects until early evening. Then, the rest of the day is mine to write more, to read, to contemplate, to cook. To be.

This book, one of the books I’ve been *meaning* to read for ages, is one of the select few I brought with me in physical form — for those days when I’m not interested in reading an ebook — or when my batteries are too low to use my electronics. It was a one-evening read for me, so it captured my attention.

It is a great book about writing, about “real life” and what we do to earn money while we are also writing, and how we view ourselves as an individual writer.

Check it out. It’s worth the time:

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