Why I Keep My Unlimited Data Plan

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Why I Keep My Unlimited Data Plan

unlimited data plan on cell phone for tethering and hot spot use

Yes, there are a number of fantastic deals on cell phones right now. Most of them are much cheaper than what I pay. BUT… I can work from just about anywhere with my “grandfathered-in” unlimited data and hot-spot.

It’s the one overpriced luxury I won’t give up. I can work on websites, do research online, upload, download, stream movies and generally enjoy the digital nomad lifestyle whenever I like.

For instance, right now I’m spending the week with my Grandmother. She wants to stay home instead of going to someone else’s house for the winter and, although I can’t stay here forever, I can give her an extra week or so of “home time” — as long as I can work from here.

She has Internet. But her Internet speed here in Rural Kentucky looks like this:

Mamaw's Internet Speed

At the same time, with my laptop hooked up to my phone’s hotspot, I have this speed:

Mobile Internet Speed on my phone.

Not to brag or anything, but earlier today I had upload speeds above 8 Mbps! And so far this week, I’ve used over 40 gigs of data… and it’s only Wednesday.

That’s not sloppy and will allow me to do anything I want online, and sometimes even SEVERAL things at once online. So, I’m all about saving money — and I could save quite a bit by ditching my current plan for something cheaper. What I couldn’t do is work like I do and consume the amount of data that I do when I’m not in the office. This plan helps me to “buy” my freedom to go where I want to go and do what I want to do, all while still being able to work and make a living.

So this week, I’m giving my grandmother the first present that I have ever known her to want and need — I’m giving her the ability to stay in her own home, even when the weather is cold and the weatherman is predicting ice. No one has to worry about being able to get to her or about her getting stranded alone. And I get this great, cozy place to work with the company of the sweetest, gentlest woman I have ever known.

Not a bad deal. Not bad at all! 🙂

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