Minimal Furniture Maximizes Small Spaces

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Minimal Furniture Maximizes Small Spaces

smaller furnishings for smaller spaces

Desk for small spacesThe FlatMate Secretary

Taking up basically NO space, this furniture is designed to create a fold-away workspace for the new popular micro tech devices (think skinny laptops and tablets and pads). Click the photos for more information.

Two Cool Items from Miso Soup Design

Space conserving seating

An Easy Chair with Tuck-Away Ottoman

Here’s an easy way to enjoy all the comforts of a space-hogging seating pair-up, without the gobbling of space.

Small Beautifully Designed Mini-Desk for Tiny Houses

Curvy, Minimal Desk

This tiny desk and shelf combo may be small, but it packs a powerful design punch, while tucking in just about anywhere in even the smallest living space.

Easy-to-access storage to use ALL your wall space

Step Right Up to Accessible Storage Options

If you live in small spaces, vertical storage is a premium advantage — IF you can reach it. This design, featured on gives you the advantages of storage and easy access to that storage. I can imagine a WHOLE wall of these units to add beauty and function to a tiny house.

Locked and Closed Laptop Wall Desk

Mini-Desk Fits Anywhere – And Locks for Security!

Ikea has created a locker-style option for people living in tiny spaces that want to use their laptop (up to 17″) without sacrificing any floorspace. Enter the Ikea PS Laptop Worktation. The price is right too ($60)!

Enjoy all the options that the combination of the tiny house movement and technology movement offers those of us who like to stay organized and happy in small spaces. Feel free to share YOUR favorite mini-footprint, maxi-useful furniture finds — I’d love to see them!

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