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Minimalism: The Stuff is Getting REAL!
December 16, 2012
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December 31, 2012
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Minimal Update

Minimizing: An uphill battle

The last couple weeks have been crazier than the usual holiday faire. I’ve been digging and tossing and listing on eBay and Amazon. I’ve been offering more items to family and friends.

I can now walk, unfettered by the need to dodge piles and piles of stuff, when I need to go to the potty. That’s progress, right?

The dog I’ve been babysitting for the last three months will be going home at the end of the month and that will free up a little stress, too. I’ll still have the boxer puppy. It may be a little worse for awhile, since she won’t have a playmate for all her spunk and rambunctious ways, but she’s getting older and is showing signs of calming down a bit. *fingers crossed*

Alex is in for the holidays and I’ve asked her to help me with my minimalism goals instead of giving me anymore “things” to add to the collection. She seemed pleased, maybe even a little relieved. I know I was when she agreed. 🙂 She may think I’m a little crazy, but she’s tolerant of her mother’s unusual ways.

I hope to get an etsy store up and running in January, to sell things for the Valentines buying rush. I have determined that much of the jewelry I’ve hoarded for years needs to go. I love jewelry, but I also like wearing what I own and I own more than I could possibly wear.

Since my well water here on the farm has a pretty high sulfur content, I’m giving up sterling jewelry. It turns black every time I take a shower and I’m tired of the hassle of cleaning it. Since I own several pounds of sterling (how embarrassing to admit that!), I have a lot to sell. I’ll also be selling some gold pieces. When I have all the stuff I don’t wear sold, I’ll invest that money into buying a couple pieces I’ve always wanted that I WILL wear all the time. An awesome example of less being more, eh?

It’s taking more time than anticipated to write the descriptions, upload the photos my dear boyfriend has taken of each item, and communicate with buyers and potential buyers to ask their questions. That would be fine if I didn’t have client work to do and a burning desire to continue making progress around here. Now… it seems like I’m juggling way too much. But I’m continuing onward and upward!

That’s the update for this week. It won’t all be finished by January 1 as I had hoped, but I want to keep plugging and making my life better, even if that goal date isn’t achieved.

Wish me luck!

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