*Nearly* Everything is Replaceable

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*Nearly* Everything is Replaceable

Nearly everything is replaceable - so simplify!

It’s finally occurred to me how “replaceable” most physical objects in my life are. It’s truly liberating to realize that even if I do get rid of something and decide later that it’s essential (ok, just PRETEND that would ACTUALLY happen), then I could get it back — or one just like it.

Of course sentimental items don’t fall into this category, but I’ve also realized that I try to “create” sentiment more often than it actually exists. I’ve lived in a world where I WISHED things were more sentimental, so I’ve assigned sentiment and memories to things that aren’t really all that memorable on their own. It’s kind of pathetic and sad, but it’s true.

I’ve also spent most of my life buying things for people that I think will be emotionally attaching — trying to do for others what I wish, on some level, had been done for me. It makes me a great gift-giver, but it also means I often over-do and over-spend to create a “memory” and attach it to an object. I swear that I have NO idea why I do this. I’ve only managed to come so far as to realize that I do.

Now, I’m just trying to figure out what to do about it.

This may explain why I now despise every single gift-giving holiday on the calendar. And, why I’ve quit waiting for someone else to buy me what I’d like to have and I get it for myself. Liberated? Maybe, but it beats the hell out of the alternative.

It has occurred to me that any real, lingering sentiment is the result of queuing up a memory. That can be done as easily by viewing a photo of the item as it is viewing the actual item. I no longer have to “own” so much to retain the memories that I’ve attached to the articles themselves. So do the items need to stay? Nope. Precious few matter at all, when viewed from this perspective.

Clutter does negatively impact my quality of life, though… so rather than keeping the stuff that SHOULD mean something, I’m planning to rid myself of all that stuff to make room for what really matters to me — personal space that is low maintenance, clutter free and a visible absence of the obligation to store, dust and care for “things.”

I’d prefer to read, write, watch a movie or do ANYTHING else with my non-work time. How about you?

Now, I just have to take this new knowledge and apply it. The clock is ticking toward the New Year and I hope to be on track and underway applying this new knowledge by then. Tick-tock…tick-tock…

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