One USB Charger to Rule Them All

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One USB Charger to Rule Them All

Portable, high power USB charger

Portable, high power USB charger

I juggle quite a few USB powered, power-hungry devices. Getting things charged quickly is a prime objective for my daily routine. Rather than carry a charger block for each device I have, I (after much research, much buying and much discarding) have found the answer for quick, high-power, portable USB charging.

It’s not a cheap solution but it is, hands down, the best I’ve found to date. It’s called the Kanex DoubleUp and I can’t recommend it enough to my readers who need a way to quickly and easily charge both their phone and their tablet while away from home.

It offers dual 2.1A ports with indicator lights that let you know when the device plugged into that port is fully charged… so you can quickly unplug it to either 1.) save energy or 2.)plug in another device to charge. Unlike most chargers, it doesn’t split the charge when you plug in two devices — reducing it down to a “trickle charger” — it charges BOTH uber-quick at 2.1 amps. It’s not small, but it’s easier and better than carrying multiples and your stuff charges fast.

(Note: If you want an option like this for your car, try the Lenmar AIDCU4 Dual USB Car Charger. I’ve tried several of those as well and this is the ONLY one I’ve found that offers a full 2.1A to BOTH ports simultaneously without a cumbersome form-factor. It does not offer the indicator light for each individual plug like the Kanex, however.)

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