Organize, Minimize and Living Small Ideas

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Organize, Minimize and Living Small Ideas

Pinterest Addiction

I’m officially ADDICTED to Pinterest. I am hopeless.When January hits every year, I get this urge to clean and organize and change and improve my environment. I was looking critically around the cabin, searching for some inspiration when I decided to ignore the task at hand and check FB because I was drawing a blank on the inspiration front. (Isn’t that what we all do?) There I tripped across (I blame a friend who made a post to FB about one of her pinterest finds.)

And as they say… That was all she wrote.

I now spend every non-committed minute over there collecting and exploring and making sure that I add MORE content for my fellow pinners from the other sites I visit. If you want to peruse my collection on the tiny living topic. (2016 UPDATE – I’ve now started a Pinterest account *specifically* for – in addition to my personal Pinterest page. Visit the LivingSmall Pinterest.)

What is pinterest? A friend on FB asked me to give a brief overview and I offered the following: “It’s a place to collect, graphically, the things you love and organize them into groups. You also get to peruse other people’s collections.”

There you have it.

I had (despite the indications to the contrary above) been avoiding FB and had labeled it a giant time-suck that didn’t really benefit me. Pintrest has proven to be an even bigger time-suck, but it’s so FULL of ideas and inspiration and … well… just dang cool ideas. (You can check out my pinterest “I’ll Do It Myself” board for an ever-growing list of things that cut costs, re-use existing stuff, and can be made at home as easily as they can be purchased.

Now I just have to pry myself from the computer and quit blogging and pinning and actually begin to improve my environment… (At least I’m all inspired now!)

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