Prepper Retreat and Wooded Land for Living Simply: A For Sale By Owner Farm in Casey County, Kentucky

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Prepper Retreat and Wooded Land for Living Simply: A For Sale By Owner Farm in Casey County, Kentucky

Prepper Paradise: Casey County Farm for Sale by Owner

Prepper Paradise: Casey County Farm for Sale by Owner

Have you and a small group of your like-minded friends ever considered pitching in and buying a chunk of land for establishing a private simple living community? Want to do it in Kentucky?

Try finding some land for sale in Casey County (where my own little farm is) and enjoy the beauty and the freedom you can find here! There is less regulation in this county and more good, old-fashioned freedom to do your own thing in this south central Kentucky county. You will also find the nearby Amish-Mennonite communities to be supportive of those who prefer to be self-sufficient.

A friend of mine is selling the Blevins Family Farm, a four-generation family holding of land and trees, wildlife and wild fruits and nuts. It was a working Dairy farm a few years back, but as I toured it, I just kept thinking about how perfect it would be for a small group of people who wanted to be self-sufficient, and along — while working together.

Water and Natural Prepper Resources Everywhere!

The place has several water sources (spring, well, and city), wildlife, a stocked fish pond (and two other ponds that aren’t stocked…YET!). There are quite a few wild edibles on the property and one of the fields is edged with a network of small caves.

There’s lots of tillable land and four barns along with a concrete block milking parlor — AND a 3 bedroom house. (You know me, I was looking at every structure and trying to figure out how to convert it quickly to livable space.)

Half of the land (nearly 200 acres!) is wooded, the balance is ready for crops or tiny homes or whatever you like.

Extremely Affordable Land for a Group

Right now, the cropland is being leased to a nearby farmer and the annual value of that lease is as high as $20K (depending on the crop). These crops have always been properly rotated to maintain the highest quality soil.

There is a great stand of old-growth trees (hardwood and others!) with an estimated (in 2014) value of $275K. So, even with the asking price of $650,000, I think it might be a bargain for a small group. With the sales price, minus the value of the timber and, let’s say, five years of leasing the cropland, you would have a net cost of $275,000 for 177 acres.

If five families (or individuals) with specific skills joined forces, that would mean an investment of $55,000 each for a 34 acre slice of this Casey County Farm. If 10 families (or individuals) wanted to join forces, the cost per family/individual would be $27,500 for nearly 18 acres each. If you are willing to lease the land for longer while you get the homesteading and prepping set up — the price would continue to go down!

Great Wood for Building – Already Cut and Seasoned!

One of the barns — the largest one — is a goldmine of aged hard-wood barn lumber. Wouldn’t that be a great resource for making tiny houses and other structures for self-sufficiency? Or you could sell that lumber for a tidy profit!

If you want to learn more about the land and the improvements, the resources and flora/fauna, or just want to take a video tour of the land for sale – go on over to the website and dream of a place of your own this far out in the country with this many benefits and bonuses.

It’s truly beautiful!

The website offers photos, video tours and additional information.

Go Visit this Casey County Dairy Farm for Sale By Owner in Kentucky!

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  1. Angela Allen says:

    Dear Venus – I did receive your comment, but unfortunately this farm has sold. I do wish you and your mother and Preston all the luck in the world to reach your goals. Take care, Angela