Saturday and the Supermarket: Simply Savings

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Saturday and the Supermarket: Simply Savings

Manager's Specials to save money on groceries

I saved money this morning by combining "manager's specials" with coupons. Total value of $353.05 for $179.50.

I went to Kroger this morning. Yes, I usually try to avoid the supermarket and I ESPECIALLY try to avoid it on the weekend, but I had company coming in today.

One of the glories of working for myself is that I go to the Amish market during their limited weekday hours and I visit the supermarket (when I must) during off-peak hours. I always get “manager’s specials” whenever I have to go to the “traditional” supermarket. During most visits, I have more “manager’s specials” in the buggy than I do anything else.

I’m not a huge coupon person (because I don’t usually buy “name brand” products), but I do take advantage of the checkout coupons that do a pretty good job of matching my buying patterns and I use the coupons Kroger sends me in the mail.

The mail coupons say things like “$2 off $10 or more from our meat department” and “free 1 dozen large eggs.” I also permit Kroger to track me and my habits and God knows what else by participating in their “Kroger Plus” card program. I know, I know…

Today, I spent $179.50. That’s quite a bit more than I usually spend at Kroger these days… but when I got home I decided to figure out all my savings because the manager’s specials are never reflected on the receipt under “savings” or “coupons.” For instance, I got two packages of ribs for $8.05 (after the $2 off for meat over $10 coupon) that had been $24.87 before the manager’s special markdown. I got two containers of greek yogurt, normally $1.99 each, for .99 each and used a coupon for $1.00 off two. So, nearly four bucks worth of yogurt for 98 cents! When I got home, I added it all up.

I ended up with $279.08 worth of groceries (if I’d paid full price for everything), along with a $50 eBay gift certificate (which I purchased to push me over the $200.00 mark so I could use a $20 off coupon for buying over $200 in a single visit) AND, I earned double points for gas (meaning I’ll save $2.00 per gallon on my next fill-up, which is worth an additional $24). Taken all together, I brought home $353.05 worth of stuff for $179.50! I’m so proud. 🙂

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