Saving and Shopping the High-Tech Way

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Saving and Shopping the High-Tech Way

shopping online to save money


With the economy being what it is at the moment, I’ve been looking long and hard at ways to save money on basics and necessities. I’ve replaced many of my regular lights with those twisty-types (that I hate). I’m cooking more from scratch and am buying locally for fruits, vegetables and grains. This spring, I even planted a small garden.

In addition to eliminating any household and personal products that aren’t essential, I’ve tried to find the best prices on those that are. I’ve looked at buying in bulk and have not found that the savings are that great — and it’s a LONG drive to get to the closest bulk-products package store. Gas, like everything else, is so expensive right now!

I’ve just recently tried out the “subscribe and save” service from Amazon. I did a bit of research and took a couple trips to my local Walmart, Kroger and Kmart to do some price checking before ordering my toilet paper, dishwashing liquid, soap, shampoo, girly supplies, etc. Not all products are at a discount (compared to local stores), but even those that only save me a little are worthwhile. Why? Because they are delivered to my door (and there’s no shipping charge with subscription items!)

I’ve already signed up for a few items to be delivered in monthly, three month and six month installments. In most cases, I save money. In a few, I break even — without the trips to the store (which is a big deal as far away from civilization as I live).

If you are looking for ways to save, the Amazon subscribe and save service may be something you will want to investigate for those items you buy regularly.

My first deliveries just arrived and I’m happy enough with them that I’m now going to consider the grocery items I need that I can’t get at the local farmer’s market and the Amish store!

(Disclosure: using my links to check it out will pay me a couple cents, if you decide to order anything.)

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