Saving Energy By Design and Devices

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Saving Energy By Design and Devices

How to Slow Down The Electric Meter

You can decrease your energy consumption in many ways. The more you know about conservation in this economy, the better. Consider ways to automatically eliminate the “vampire energy” phenomenon, without the need to physically unplug all your electric devices the moment you finish using them and power them down.

Smart Plugs and Monitors

Enter the Eco-Socket, a standard plug replacement that senses when the device isn’t using power and shuts off to avoid “vampire” energy consumption.

If you want an education on how much each of your devices is quietly removing money from your wallet, consider the Kill-A-Watt monitoring and plug control device

You can do the same thing one plug at a time using the Belkin Conserve Socket – a single plug device that stands between your standard plug and it’s energy-sucking ways.

If you have a cluster of devices to monitor (say for instance an entertainment center or several computer and related pieces of equipment) you may want to invest in a Kill-A-Watt Power Strip.

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