Saving Money on Heat in Your Tiny Home

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November 4, 2011
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November 15, 2011
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Saving Money on Heat in Your Tiny Home

Salem the cat on new sheets

I’ve invested just under $50 in the lowering of my heating bills this winter. I took a non-traditional approach. It’s a bit beyond the weatherstripping, insulation and the other things most people do (which I’ve already done). It also wasn’t exactly intentional.

You see, right now it’s fairly warm during the day. Raising the windows to let in and capture that heat is enough to counter the cool from the overnight dip in temperatures. I’ve been using a single quilt (it’s not quite cold enough for the down comforter yet), but it’s been a LITTLE chilly in the evenings.

I needed a new set of sheets. Mine are… well… let’s just say they have seen better days. I don’t believe in having several sheet sets. I prefer to eliminate the need for sheet storage by simply stripping, washing and replacing the sheets on my bed.

I’ve looked for the “perfect” sheets for several months, to no avail. Since I couldn’t find a set I really liked in the traditional styles, I decided to take a leap and get a set of chocolate brown micro-plush sheets to get me through the winter (and give me a little more time to find the high-thread count cotton, rich-printed sheets I’m seeking).

This microplush is the same fabric used in the blankets my family calls “octopus” blankets. A few family members have these blankets (my daughter included). Although extremely warm, these stretchy-fuzzy blankets wrap around you with such vigor… it’s like an octopus has you in it’s tentacles. So, they got the interesting name around our house. My kids (and my mother) adore them.

Now, back to my sheets… I got them delivered by UPS yesterday and tried them out for the first time last night. They are wonderful…soft and lush… but VERY warm; TOO warm for this season. I can’t wait to use them this winter. I love sleeping in a cool (almost cold) room, so long as the bed is toasty. The flat sheet in the set is, surprisingly, nearly as thick as my daughter’s octopus blanket. I think I’ve found the ticket for staying comfortable, while reducing my heat needs in the evenings. What an unexpected bonus!

Now, I just have to find a set of these sheets for my daughter’s bed too. She has the blanket — but she needs the sheets too!

I’ll have to accept the fact that I’ll be keeping TWO sets of sheets for each bed. I think I’ll just pack these fuzzy ones away with my winter clothes and unpack the traditional sheets when I pull out spring clothes. That way I still won’t have to sacrifice my limited dedicated storage to sheets. Of course that means I’ll have to find my perfect traditional sheets before spring.

If you want to get a set of fuzzy-warm sheets for yourself this winter, you can get them at (These are the ones I bought.) I think you will agree… It’s a great way to lower the thermostat in the evening and save a few bucks this winter. (Having a cat curl up on your toes while you sleep helps too!)

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