Simple, Fluffy Joy

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March 25, 2014
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Simple, Fluffy Joy

Tiny puppy for a tiny house.

My tiny puppy for my tiny abode.

Ok, so it seems that I make choices that complicate, rather than simplify, my life. But sometimes they are a GREAT decision anyway. Zeus is the perfect example. Isn’t he adorable?

Zeus, My Simple Puppy

Sometimes simple living is more enjoyable with a little complication — like a fluffy puppy.

This little mutty-mix of Yorkie, Chihuahua, and Shih-Tzu is a smallish fluff-ball of energy. I fully expected to regret the decision to get Zeus, but I haven’t. Not yet. Not once. He’s sweet and cuddly. He loves me. He reminds me to get up from my desk and go outside once every hour or so and see the sunshine on workdays. He encourages me to go to the park on the weekends so he can run and play. He is so cute and his antics are so amusing, that I find myself smiling a lot more often lately.

Zeus - Tiny puppy for Living Small

Zeus, the Living Small puppy!


Until he outgrows his “tote” — I have a place for him to be while I’m in the office. He doesn’t eat much, he’s happy with attention and companionship. He enjoys going in the car. He’s able to entertain himself with toys (at least for a little while). If you are going to complicate your life with a dog, I highly recommend one that’s small enough to go with you, so you can skip the expense and hassle of kenneling and so you don’t have to ask family or friends to babysit for you.

I’ve had him for a couple weeks now and he’s grown from two pounds to about three and a half. His mommy (Half Chihuahua, half Shih Tzu) was 10 pounds and his daddy (a Yorkie) was 6 — so I’m hoping he won’t get too big.

Adopting a dog isn’t really what I’d recommend as a simple life choice, but it sure is a great attitude booster and happiness creator. 🙂

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