Simple Wardrobe: My Progress So Far

Simple wardrobe
Simple Wardrobe: No Partial Lengths
February 20, 2013
Toys and clutter and stuff... oh my!
What I Learned About Life by Cleaning the Kids’ Room
March 3, 2013
Simple wardrobe
Simple Wardrobe: No Partial Lengths
February 20, 2013
Toys and clutter and stuff... oh my!
What I Learned About Life by Cleaning the Kids’ Room
March 3, 2013
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Simple Wardrobe: My Progress So Far

How to Create a Simple Wardrobe

I’m tote deep into my simple wardrobe adventure. Ok, I WAS tote-deep. I can’t believe how many clothes I had in my tiny closet, even after I’d done my first few rounds of “simplifying” it. It was a gross display of consumerism. There. I said it. Even more disturbing was the fact that I owned so much I didn’t use.

I’m tired of buying (and owning and sorting and storing and cleaning) disposable clothing. I’m also tired of having a closet full of clothes that I like, but seldom wear. You know, those clothes that you pull out of the closet and put on and then think, “Nah, it’s nice, but not today” and you put it back on the hanger and select again. It’s like clothing roulette. It complicates life every single day. Here’s where I am now…

I did the “turning the hangers backwards” thing and discovered something interesting. After two months of this, I’d only worn a handful of clothes. These are the clothes I love and the ones I keep grabbing and washing and returning to the closet so I have something “good” to wear. Something comfortable, something I like.

At the end of the two months, I took all the clothes off the backwards hangers (even those I liked) and put them in two totes. I put the totes in a hard to reach storage area of the house. I lived with what remained in my closet for another month.

Here’s what I discovered:

  • It was easier to get dressed every morning
  • I was more comfortable in the clothes I wore.
  • It was easier to pack for a weekend away.
  • My clothes stayed washed and put away.
  • All my clothes mix and match. ALL of them.
  • I appreciated and enjoyed the clothes I had left even more.
  • With simplified clothes, I needed and wanted fewer shoes, purses, scarves, underwear, coats, gloves and other accessories. If they weren’t perfect, I wanted them out of my closet. (And I tossed those as well!)

And there was an unexpected discovery: It was easier to get rid of additional pieces, because I didn’t like them as much as the others in my closet.

I did something else surprising… I bought a couple key items that my closet was missing. Nothing major, but nothing like what I’d discarded.

There will have to be a few adjustments when the weather turns warm, but VERY few. 😉

Things I didn’t wear during the three months, but I still can’t bear to toss:

  • Long, Full Black Leather Skirt
  • Suit: Jacket and Skirt: Black Jones New York
  • Velvet wrap (an over-sized scarf with fringe)
  • Scott e-Vest All-Weather Jacket in Camel

Things I may want to add later:

  • Black leather boots
  • Walking-Length Shorts
  • Black Wool Pea Coat
  • Sweater twinset (probably in Merino Wool or Washable Cashmere)
  • Travel friendly quick-dry undies (several pair)
  • 3-piece suit with skirt and slacks (to replace the one I own now)
  • An Iconic Little black dress

What remains in my closet now:


  1. Dress Slacks – Dark Taupe
  2. Two Pairs of Black Jeans
  3. One pair indigo denim jeans
  4. Yoga Pants (drawstring)
  5. Long, full back denim maxi skirt

Dressy Tops:

  1. Satiny Silk Dress Blouse in Cream (for suit and dressy)
  2. Short sleeve sweater with Gold/black beading for dress/evening wear

Everyday Tops:

  1. Olive Green zip-neck, mid-weight merino wool sweater (see my earlier post on this items — it’s awesome!)
  2. Brown Fine-knit Cashmere/Cotton Blend Turtleneck (washable)
  3. Zip-neck merino wool t-shirt weight long sleeve top (black)
  4. Black crew-neck merino wool long sleeve t-shirt
  5. Gray heather short-sleeve merino wool t-shirt
  6. Brass Band Festival T-shirt (Lavender)
  7. Mummies Concert T-shirt (Black)
  8. Dark Green cowl-neck dressy sweater with button detail
  9. Oversized Denim Long Sleeved Shirt (purchased for the Honey Badger and reclaimed)
  10. 2 Long-Sleeve, V-neck Gap Body T-shirts (for layering and wearing solo)
  11. Long-sleeve branded T-shirt (black)
  12. Heather Gray WickedWriter Hoodie (heavy weight)


  1. Black Leather Bomber Jacket
  2. Black Zip-front Hoodie
  3. Black Flats (two pair)
  4. Classic Tassel Loafers
  5. Hiking Tennis Shoes by Sketchers
  6. Black Leather Thong Sandals
  7. Messenger Bag (large enough for overnight)
  8. Black Leather Duffel Bag (for longer trips)
  9. Two Black leather purses (I’m still deciding which one to keep)
  10. Full-length feminine nightgown
  11. Three camisole/tank tops
  12. Assorted undies/bras/socks (Still sorting through those, too)

That’s it right now. It’s mostly dark colors because that’s what I like best and I’m tired of trying to be “colorful” in my dress when it makes me uncomfortable. I may add color (just a little) someday, but not right now. I’m still adjusting things, so it’s not final yet. I’ll have a more pared down list than even this, once I work with what I have a little longer.

It’s pretty exciting, as is all the other “simplifying” I’m doing right now. I am anxious to get it completed, though. I want to quit doing the simplification someday soon, and start enjoying it more. Every day I see a little improvement — and that makes me happy!

I’m eating healthier right now and my size is changing, so I may have to replace some of the items I love with smaller versions in the future… but that’s a GOOD thing!


  1. yolanthaiti says:

    Okay, gonna take some of this on. And see how far I get in 48 hours with decluttering. Who-hooooooo! Well did an owl just enter my room? Yes, use it. Everything I touch today in my closet I will ask WHO am I with it? and then WHO am I without it. Thanks myAngela

  2. Dana says:

    Kudos on the simplifying! I too have spent the year reducing my wardrobe. I definitely think I have reduced by at least 50% and hope to achieve even more. I just stumbled upon your blog and am excited to keep exploring! Thank you for the inspiration!

    • admin says:

      Congrats on your own progress, Dana! And thanks for stopping by… now I’m going to go check out YOUR blog 🙂

  3. Katherine says:

    This is exactly what I’m trying to do myself! Thank you for sharing your progress. I’d love to hear an update when you have one!

    • admin says:

      Thank you for letting me know. The process to simplify my closet is happening in “waves” –but each one is easier than the last and I really AM getting happier with the results. I’ll try to update again soon 🙂