Success Stories

  • ​"Well worth the investment!"  The words of my husband!  I ordered 2 traps, one for the front and one for the back of the house.  My husband did the minimal assembly and hung them up.  I plugged the holes the bees created over the years, and within hours, if that long, we had our first capture and the collection continues.  Thank you all for sharing your talents to create, pack and mail these great traps!  We now enjoy sitting outside even more.
  • I've been meaning to write and thank you for my carpenter bee traps.  I couldn't believe how quickly they arrived.  They look awesome, such fine craftsmanship!!!  I appreciate the steel wool and the information on closing up the holes.  We did just that and hung our traps.  Can't wait to show them who's boss!  Thank you again!  I enjoyed being a part of such a special venture.  Best of wishes.
  • Thank you so much for the speedy delivery. It was safely packed and we were so happy to have everything needed to get it set up immediately. We even had our first victim in under 15 minutes. So happy I not have to spray nasty chemicals that never got them anyway. Thanks POPS!
  • Built one as my front porch has been attacked for years. I plugged the holes and painted with oil paint which worked for a few years but they returned. I caught 3 of these buggers the first day and pissed off the others by plugging their holes.

    Tell Pops thanks for the plans as this is much better than just plugging the holes to have them make more.
  • I built a couple of these and they began working within a few minutes. Thanks.
  • Such speedy service!  Thanks to all of you!  Pops & Mom-I am so hopeful of this working and wish I had found this before.   It will take some time to fill all of the holes with steel wool.  We have had this problem for several years now.  My son posted it to me and I decided to order it.  I want you to know how happy I am that it came quickly.  I had resigned myself to a long wait.   What a surprise!    Thank you so much!
  • 5/19/14 Received my bee trap today!! Looks like a great piece of work and I'm looking forward to getting it outside and taking care of the bees. Thanks to POPS for the steel wool to get started and for his hard work--and to Angela for having the info out there! Just so everyone knows even though they have been busy with these I ordered mine on May 9th and got it today May 19th!! I think this was very quick!! I would recommend to anyone that if you have a carpenter bee problem that you try this-POPS and Angela will get yours to you fast!!
  • Just went to Lowes for materials and plan to build 2 of these traps today.  I really appreciate the tutorial.  Thank you and Pops sooo much.
  • Arena Photos of Bee Traps Arena Photos of Bee TrapsDear Pops! We received our Bee Trap yesterday! Impressive! Packaged well and we plugged holes and hung her up! (see the first photo) Within 12 hours we got our first bee! (see the second photo)
    My daughter said, "Pops has got it goin' invention since the iPad!" Thanks for a well made product and we loved that you signed the letter!
    God bless you and your family!
  • Hi Pops and Angela,
    I received my Carpenter Bee Trap this morning, what a quick delivery! It is so nice that you included the steel wool, how thoughtful...and the hook. I am so proud of you working hard to help us take care of our pesky old Carpenter Bees. Thank you Pops, I appreciate your good, conscientious work...even the corners are safe.
  • Thanks for the fast delivery! I'm excited to see the bees arrive in their new condo. I hope the response form everyone is not too overwhelming for your  Mom and Dad. I think he should sign his work "Pops" w/ a sharpie or woodburning tool. I would have liked that on it too. If I get industrious, I might write about the bee adventure in my blog and include a link to you. Thanks so much!
  • These traps are easy to make and work just like they say they would.
  • Love the Bee Trap...will hang tomorrow.  Tell Pops I eagerly await his other helpful ideas!

    Please keep me on file for further news!