March 4, 2014
Making eating simple!

My Simple Eating Voyage

I said I was going to simplify my food back in January. I’ll have to admit, it’s been a little challenging. Trying to eat simple foods […]
October 21, 2013
Mrs. Betty's Famous Kentucky Sand Pie Recipe

Sand Pie Recipe – OMG!

Want to make the best pie EVER? Well here’s the recipe for Betty’s Sand Pie from Betty’s OK Country Cooking in Columbia, Kentucky. Read it. Make […]
September 26, 2013
Plateaus during progress stages of the minimal living voyage

When You Hit a Clutter-Busting Plateau

Plateaus are difficult to handle no matter what you are trying to do… train for a race, lose weight, or eliminate clutter. It USED to feel […]
September 7, 2013
How to remove yourself from the Internet

Take a Powder from the Internet Trackers

Have you ever considered “dropping out” of the Internet. Not just shutting of your computer, tablet and smartphone — but actually removing your footprint on the […]
August 7, 2013
Survival Gardening eBook

Survival Gardening Book — For Free!

Get it before the price goes up:
July 12, 2013
How to build a $300 tiny house

$300 House Project for Haiti and India

Think you might want to learn to build a low-cost tiny house of your very own? I have some information for you! As a tiny house […]
June 19, 2013
Carpenter Bee Trap DIY

Carpenter Bees: How to Get Rid of Them With This DIY Trap!

My cabin is cursed with carpenter (wood boring) bees this time of the year. They buzz around trying to pretend that they are harmless bumblebees, hoping […]
April 9, 2013
Black is Colorful and Simple!

Why My Wardrobe is (Mostly) Black

First and foremost, I like black. I just do. Let me explain why I prefer a dark wardrobe for my simple life…
March 29, 2013
Score 10 free classic audiobooks from Audible and Amazon to listen to while you exercise! ($260.38 value!) Here's how...

Free Audiobooks Make Exercise Easier

I’ve been a member of Audible for years, although I don’t still pay a monthly fee. It’s been years since I’ve purchased anything from them — […]
March 27, 2013
Losing Weight

Simple Way to Visualize Your Goal Weight

Want an easy way to stay motivated as you eat healthier, exercise and resist all most temptation? Try It’s a cool little tool with lots of […]
March 3, 2013
Toys and clutter and stuff... oh my!

What I Learned About Life by Cleaning the Kids’ Room

When my boys were little, the hardest thing for them to do was to keep their room clean. It was my fault. As a young mother, […]
February 25, 2013
How to Create a Simple Wardrobe

Simple Wardrobe: My Progress So Far

I’m tote deep into my simple wardrobe adventure. Ok, I WAS tote-deep. I can’t believe how many clothes I had in my tiny closet, even after […]