Take a Beautiful Journey

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March 3, 2013
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March 27, 2013
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Take a Beautiful Journey

Beautiful things to celebrate and share in your tiny home

Beautiful things to celebrate and share in your tiny home

Yes, I’m all about the simplicity. Less is always more… isn’t it?

But sometimes, a collection of things absolutely rocks my world. Today, as I was doing a bit of Pinterest perusing and I happened upon a simply stunning tumblr site… and I must say, if one is going to collect beautiful things, this lady could give you some pointers. She sure knows how to do it… digitally and with a sweeping style, humor, wisdom, and just a touch of fairy dust.

Normally, I would do a screen capture to pique your interest… but you really need to just experience it. It’ll inspire you. I promise. (Beware guys, it’s REALLY girly).

Go visit Amber on her tumblr blog at at “Girly Me.”

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