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Living small meals avoid harmful additives, fake food and fast food. High-quality real food will improve your nutrition and performance naturally. Feeding yourself and your family wholesome, local, organic foods will lower medical bills and stress while improving your enjoyment of mealtime. These articles include recipes, ideas, tips and tricks to make finding, fixing and storing your food a little easier.
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Living small means making quality over quantity decisions. Doing this in your closet means the articles you use to dress yourself will be those items you truly love. They will be the best you can afford, they will fit perfectly, be comfortable, match your other favorites and will be easy-care. Imagine a life where your day doesn't begin with decisions like "what should I wear today?" and you don't struggle to find a suitable option. In a world brimming with low-quality "fast" fashion, but the living small approach is pure luxury.


Our world is full of amazing variations of housing. This section will showcase individuals who create homes in unconventional spaces. We will explore tiny homes, container homes, van dwelling options, self-built homes, tree houses, underground homes and other non-traditional housing options. We will also feature ideas and methods that customize more traditional spaces into a reflection of your life and your priorities through your creation of your own personal living space.