Life is an adventure

When you start on your own path to simplicity, you need to consider those things that are most basic to life first. Once you figure those out, you can move on to more “advanced” simplicity techniques. So when you start, consider what you need, rather than what you can live without.

Most people start on this path by trying to purge stuff. I recommend that you take a different approach instead: pick what you need most and separate that out from the rest.

Pack Your Bags for Adventure!

When you pack a bag for a trip, you don’t pick up and consider everything in your house. You don’t sort through everything you don’t need first, you start by packing the most essential items you possess. You pack the “must haves” first.

That’s the same approach you should take when simplifying your life. Pull out the good stuff first — the essentials, the defining items that make your life easier, better, more enjoyable. What remains will be easier to handle, because you have already determined that none of it is essential.

Imagine, if you will, that you have this great adventure opportunity in front of you. You have a golden ticket to travel anywhere, do anything, and see everything this wide world has to offer. You can enjoy the trip for six full months and you can take anything with you that you want. You can take as many bags as you like, but there is no valet, there is no one to help you manage your bags. The only requirement for this all-expense paid trip is that you must care for and maintain your own things.

Would you do it? Would you go on this amazing adventure? How much would you take? How much would you be willing to lug through museums and art galleries, on the beach and up mountain sides, on city streets and country roads? How important would those things you thought you had to have be by the second week? What would remain in your bags at the end of the journey?

All Aboard!

You already are on this amazing trip. It’s called life. If you approach your life with the same sense of adventure you would for a six-month long trip to places you have never seen, you will view each day, every item you own and all the responsibilities you assume differently.

How you choose to spend your time: making money (to pay for food, shelter, clothing, utilities, automobiles, memberships, and other “stuff”), cleaning and maintaining your house, caring for your clothes, personal hygiene, mowing the yard, watching television, reading a book, cooking, eating, spending time with others people, exercising) that is your adventure.

That is your life… a series of choices and priorities you make every single day.

Yours is a limited, timed adventure — so make sure you are enjoying every minute you can! Take steps now to ensure the bulk of your time isn’t wasted juggling things that don’t really matter. Instead, spend your time doing what matters most to you: Spending time with family and friends, doing good work, pursuing your personal passions and priorities, and simply enjoying your life.

It’s never too late to start… but I recommend you begin today! Life is short. Here are the basic categories to consider first.

The Basics

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Living small meals avoid harmful additives, fake food and fast food. High-quality real food will improve your nutrition and performance naturally. Feeding yourself and your family wholesome, local, organic foods will lower medical bills and stress while improving your enjoyment of mealtime. These articles include recipes, ideas, tips and tricks to make finding, fixing and storing your food a little easier.
Simple Clothing on


Living small means making quality over quantity decisions. Doing this in your closet means the articles you use to dress yourself will be those items you truly love. They will be the best you can afford, they will fit perfectly, be comfortable, match your other favorites and will be easy-care. Imagine a life where your day doesn't begin with decisions like "what should I wear today?" and you don't struggle to find a suitable option. In a world brimming with low-quality "fast" fashion, but the living small approach is pure luxury.


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