Forget Fake Food

Simple living meals avoid harmful additives, fake food and fast food. High-quality real food will improve your nutrition, your health, your outlook and your personal performance… naturally.

Feeding yourself and your family wholesome, local, organic foods will lower medical bills and stress while improving your enjoyment of all aspects of mealtime.

Giving your body what it craves doesn’t mean you have to spend your life in the kitchen. In fact, once you start cooking real food, you may find it faster (and definitely tastier) than grabbing a meal out or dragging fast food back home. If you love to cook — you can become a creative culinary wiz using health, natural, wholesome ingredients.

A little planning means no more trying to figure out what you want to eat. Quit spending your time and energy trying to figure out what your next meal is going to be and put those decision-making skills to better use and more creative and enjoyable endeavors.

These articles include recipes, ideas, tips and tricks to make finding, fixing and storing food a little easier. Welcome some slow-food goodness into your life… and feel the difference in your body (and your budget!)