Simple Clothing = Creative Life!

Unless fashion is your creative outlet, figuring out what to wear shouldn’t monopolize your morning. Decisions about clothing, shoes, accessories, and adornments don’t have to take up too much of your life. Selecting and maintaining a simple wardrobe doesn’t have to be a chore and it doesn’t have to leave you with only boring things in your closet.

What it can do is make it easy for you to pack for your next adventure on a moment’s notice, spend less time cleaning, pressing and caring for your clothes, and endure fewer frustrations while trying to figure out what to wear.

Don’t you have better things to do? Perhaps some creative outlets you want to explore? Maybe you would enjoy a few extra minutes of sleep each day? Time to meditate or exercise each morning? Quit spending all your time preparing, maintaining and deciding what to wear. Quit blowing your budget by adding more, only to enjoy dressing less.

Start throwing on something from your closet (that just HAPPENS to be wonderful, comfortable, flattering and easy-care). Then, enjoy your day!

June 12, 2014

Maintaining My Minimal Wardrobe

Things are Changing I’m happy to report that since I started my voyage to minimal clothing, I’ve lost weight. A LOT of weight. I’m 37 pounds lighter […]