Your Personal Sanctuary

Living small means “hanging your hat” in spaces that are just big enough to be comfortable, but not so big that it becomes a burden. Your ideal space will hold those items most essential to your happiness and well-being, without resembling a storage unit.

I encourage everyone to be the “Goldilocks” of their own lives. Search until you find a personal sanctuary that suits your needs without increasing the cost, maintenance and fuss required to care for the space that keeps you warm, dry, and safe.

Your space may be a traditional home, an RV, a tiny house, an apartment, an alternative housing option, shared space or a more unconventional form of shelter. If it’s yours and you love it, you win! (Check out senior housing options and articles particularly suited to mature adults and senior citizens too!)

When I find cool examples of shelter options — and ways to improve the space you have — I’ll share them with you here.