The BEST pants for work, play, travel and more!

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The BEST pants for work, play, travel and more!

First, I’m not going to live with a single pair of pants — not if I have a choice — but if I had to, I’ve found the ones. I have found an all-purpose pair that I love so much I just bought a second pair for my minimalist closet. I know, it seems counter-intuitive, but bear with me…

I’ve had a single pair for two years and have worn them at least once or twice a week for the last 24 months. (And they still look like brand new!)

I bought another pair because I get antsy when they are dirty, even though I can usually wear them twice before I have to wash them. But mostly, I’m worried that they may stop making them — right at the time that I finally manage to wear these completely out.

The Pros

They work for casual, for office wear, and for lounging around the house. They are marketed as yoga pants — but stay with me here, because they don’t LOOK like yoga pants. These Margaux Yogaux Pants by SCOTTeVEST feel like dress pants. The fabric is smooth and sleek and dressy looking  — only stretchy and comfy and bulletproof — which isn’t normal for dress pants!

They have a wide leg and look like office pants except for the waistband — which is a draw-string style with a knit inset. They also have great pockets (SEVEN of them!) and six of them are wonderful. They are forgiving enough to wear with a thin pair of thermals underneath, which makes them a 4-season pant, even when the mercury drops low.

I particularly like the hidden zip pockets “behind” the standard “stick your hands in your pockets” pockets. The zipped pockets are nearly invisible and the contents are completely secure. The front pockets are deep enough that things don’t fall out and the back pockets are big enough to carry my extra large phone. I can stuff enough in the pockets that I’m not tied to a purse unless I want to be. Phone, keys, glasses, lip balm — all fit without making me look lumpy.

I know, it sounds like a Frankenstein’s monster pair of pants, but I promise you they are awesome!

The Cons

The only down-side of wearing them for everything is the waistband. It’s uber comfy, but in the office setting, I have to be sure I’m wearing shirts out over the waistband (and I usually tuck the strings into my waistband so they don’t accidentally peek out below my shirt).

The biggest “con” I’ve experienced is that, since I only owned one pair, I was constantly reaching for a pair of pants that weren’t hanging in my closet (they were in the hamper!) The other con is the price – $80. However, if you calculate a per-wear price, I don’t think they can be beat.

Six of the seven pockets are awesome, but the tiny “stash” pocket in the waistband is a fail. Don’t put your emergency $100 bill in that pocket and expect it to stay there through a day of hard travel. Go on… ask me how I know. 🙁

The waistband secret pocket is a great concept, but it needs a tiny zipper.


For casual wear, they are ideal as delivered. For lounging around the house, walking, exercising, and movie night — I’ve never owned a better, more comfortable pair of pants and they are flattering! These pants are FAR more flattering than the yoga-style pants I used to wear around the house and for exercise.

I will say that with these two pair of Margaux Yogaux Pants by SCOTTeVEST, a pair of dark denims, some khakis and a dressy pair of slacks, I’m completely set in the pants department.

I have reached out to their customer support team to ask the designers to come out with a pair of these with a dressier waistband (perhaps with a wide (flat) self-fabric tie), so I can wear them with my shirt tucked in.

In the meantime, I’m considering shopping for an obi-style tie belt to tie over top of my tunic-length shirts to 1.) better define my waist and 2.) keep my drawstring under wraps in professional settings!

Your Turn!

If you have tried the Margaux Yogaux Pants please chime in with your experience. If you have another perfect “find” for the basic minimal wardrobe, please share! 

I’m always on the lookout for great-looking, easy-care, super-comfy and season-spanning items to improve my minimalist wardrobe.

Next time, I’ll share the best socks I’ve ever worn and why I only need a few pair!

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