The Easy Way to Drink More Water

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The Easy Way to Drink More Water

My low-cost hydration system


I like soda. Granted, I don’t drink the sugary stuff — I prefer the cancer-inducing diet variety. I also drink A LOT. I switched over to 12-ounce cans instead of 2-liter bottles in an attempt to 1.) have a drink that’s cold from the first sip to the last and 2.) reduce my consumption a little. After all, I was still going through 6-12 cans a day… and that can’t be healthy.

Due to a recent health issue (surprise, surprise), I’ve had to go cold turkey with the soda and I didn’t want to replace that kind of volume with something sugary or even as calorie-laden as juice. I needed to find a way to drink more water. Not being a huge fan of water, this proved to be a little bit of a challenge.

I started by getting an adult version of a “sippy cup” (see the photo of my lime green one above) and committed myself to keeping it within arms reach at all times.

Next, since I didn’t want to buy my water, I purchased a Brita Slim Pitcher that was skinny enough to keep in the door shelf of my tiny, under-cabinet refrigerator. I find that filtered, cold water makes drinking enough each day easier.

Selecting a double-insulated cup means that my water stays cold longer and doesn’t leave “water rings” on the furniture. Having the flip-to seal top means I don’t have accidental spills and using the straw feature keeps me from turning it up like some kind of football player at half-time. It’s a bit more civilized and it doesn’t keep me from being able to see my computer screen (or the road) while I sip. I even keep it beside my bed and can sip without sitting up or spilling.

All these little features to my little “personal hydration system” means I drink four or five of these 28-ounce bottles a day. The Brita Filters aren’t cheap, but they last quite some time and it’s easier to refill the pitcher and return it to the refrigerator when I fill my bottle than it would be to buy and haul in bottled water. My approach also eliminates dealing with a slew of plastic bottles in my garbage. I think my filtered tap water tastes better than the purchased plastic bottle variety. It’s much cheaper than other options for water, soda, juice or other beverages — and much, MUCH healthier!

Now that I’m sure this is a permanent accessory to improve my health, my next bottle will be a stainless steel insulated version.

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