My Simple Eating Voyage

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Super Simple Sunday Supper
February 17, 2014
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March 12, 2014
Slow Cooker Simple Chicken Recipe
Super Simple Sunday Supper
February 17, 2014
Sudsy, Super-Awesome, Solid Shampoo
March 12, 2014
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My Simple Eating Voyage

Making eating simple!

I said I was going to simplify my food back in January. I’ll have to admit, it’s been a little challenging. Trying to eat simple foods means avoiding nearly everything that’s packaged as “convenience.” I read labels on everything — I always have, but not with such a critical eye!

The main meals are lean meat (mostly chicken breast), eggs, gently cooked veggies, nuts, steel cut oats, quinoa, and fresh fruits. I know, I know, it sounds boring — but it’s pretty good. Reducing my options has the unexpected bonus of increasing my streamlined food plan (which follows below):

Typical Breakfast:

  • Poached Eggs
  • Steel cut Oats (sometimes plain, sometimes with fresh blueberries, never with sugar)
  • Vegetable (steamed broccoli, lightly sauteed spinach, cooked carrots or the like)
  • Fresh Fruit (a banana, mango, pineapple, berries — or a combo of these)
  • Water or black coffee

Typical Lunch:

Leftovers from the night before or a frozen single-serving of a previous dinner creation

Typical Dinner:

  • Lean meat/zucchini (or other veggie)/onion/sweet pepper/spinach stir-fry with brown rice
  • Curry chicken and pineapple over brown rice
  • Lean meat and two veggies with a tossed green salad (salt and pepper only — no dressing)


There are some veggie chips that I’ve substituted for snacky foods when I really need a salty crunch. I still eat popcorn on occasion, I’m really big on using sliced carrots and cucumbers to dip out my homemade guacamole,  and I’ve located some nut/seed based crackers that are gluten free that are pretty tasty. I eat several varieties of cheese — in moderation.

I snack on as much fruit or raw, crunchy veggies as I want.


I drink water, iced or hot herbal tea, or black coffee (always iced). I’ve experimented with some flavored sparkling water and plain sparkling water. So far, I’ve not missed the “bad” beverages much, which is a relief. I’ve also enjoyed a bit of wine during this voyage. Bonus! 🙂

Eating Out:

I don’t eat at fast food restaurants at all and when I do eat out, I select lean meat and veggie options — and have only had one baked potato in a month! I do have the occasional baked sweet potato or baked squash with cinnamon, however (no sugar of course).

I have purchased some honey in case the time comes that I need some form of sweetener, but haven’t used it yet — because I normally use fruit to tame the sweet tooth.

I must say that fixing meals is no longer the chore it once was. It’s FAST. I’ve used my crock pot a few times to slow cook a curry while at work. And, adding the leftovers to my freezer/oven proof glass containers with a plastic lid means I usually have a variety of food to choose from when I don’t want to cook.

The Significant Other:

The Honey Badger is suffering a bit and stocks the freezer with frozen pizzas and frozen burritos for when he can’t face something healthy (or when I threaten him with cabbage or broccoli). Mostly, he’s come around and joins me for breakfast. Dinners are becoming more regular too — but he still usually resists healthy lunches, deciding instead to pop in a pizza when he goes home to walk the dog around noon.

When we eat out, he usually goes for deep fried something with his “veggie” options being a baked potato (slathered in butter and sour cream) and…*drumroll* french fries. I try not to judge, but I fail a lot. I just stick to my own plan and let him do his thing.

The Results… So Far

Along with shedding a few unwanted pounds (it fell off at first, but is now creeping along — but at least in the right direction!), I’ve also noticed that my joints are feeling sooooo much better. I no longer groan when I have to get out of a sitting position, walking doesn’t make me pay attention to my knees/hips, and my energy levels have increased noticeably.

Overall, I’d say this was a good decision and I’m enjoying the “simple” diet immensely! Going to the grocery store is faster, since I only buy things on the perimeter and avoid those nasty inner aisles where all the junk and pre-packaged food lives. And the variety in my diet relies heavily on what’s on sale in the produce section.

Surprisingly, I’ve had very few salads. I prefer the satiated feeling of warm veggies in my tummy and cool, crisp, fresh fruits (of the non-california, non-radiated type). I opt for organic and non GMO when I can find it and prefer Florida fruit to most other types this time of year.

I’m really looking forward to shopping the farmers’ markets later this year!

If any of my readers are working on a simple diet or an easier, more natural way of eating, I’d love to hear your tips and tricks! (I’ll bet we all would!)


  1. Capricia says:

    I love you blog, you have been such an inspiration on my journey. Several times you have mentioned steel-cut oats that you only cook only 10 minutes. I have been following the package directions and cook 20+ minutes and mine are border-line mushy but still chewy. Can you share you recipe?

    • Angela Allen says:

      Hi Capricia!

      Thanks for stopping by! I don’t really have a recipe. I turn them on HIGH until they begin to boil and turn them to low before they boil over (which happens every time I turn my head!) I let them simmer for about five minutes then cover them and let them set while I cook the eggs and chop up the fruit (which takes me about five additional minutes). I drain off any excess water from the steel cut oats (my pot has a strainer lid built in, which makes this easy) and they are ready to eat. Mine are chewy (which is what I prefer — I hate mushy oatmeal!). I don’t add sugar, but do add cinnamon and fresh fruit (blueberries this time of the year).

      Hope this helps!

      • Capricia says:

        thanks, I will give it a try this weekend. You have been such an inspiration and I am so glad I found your journey. Your thoughts and action on clothing have given me the courage to give it a try. Over the years, I have been quite the little hogger of closets in the house…my grown kids still talk about it! I am almost down to one. I keep a donation bag at the ready for donations, you are right about reaching for something and deciding over and over not to wear it…in the bag it goes. Thank you again and I look forward to your journey words.