Think Before You Ink: How to Save Money on Printer Ink!

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Think Before You Ink: How to Save Money on Printer Ink!

How to save money on printer ink

Save money on printer ink

Want to save money on printer ink? Here are a few tips:

  1. Use draft mode on your printers as your default (switch back to standard mode only for final copies or when absolutely required).
  2. Try the monochrome setting on your color printer (and only switch it back to color when you actually NEED color).
  3. Use Century Gothic instead of Ariel as your default font – yes, different fonts require different amounts of ink and this one change can make a big difference in how far your ink will go!
  4. Go paperless – consider using a PDF and sending it by email instead of printing out a copy whenever possible. Store records in digital files (when advisable to do so) and *think before you ink!*

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