Van Life: The Road to Glamping?

The Keys to the Van as Tiny House Experiment
My Van As A Tiny House Experiment
September 26, 2016
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Van Life: Making an Inexpensive Kitchen in the Van
October 4, 2016
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Van Life: The Road to Glamping?

Sterling Silver Flatware

The van as it is now, isn’t quite a tiny house, but it’s not really “Glamping” either – although it’s close. I like to think it’s much more efficient and functional than merely glamping would be. With that said, I’m seriously considering pumping up the volume on the luxury a little before my next solo trip.

I don’t like decoration for it’s own sake, usually, but I do ADORE useful items that are also beautiful to behold. What better place to put that into action than in a tiny space like my Van-Vardo?

Adding Luxury to Minimalism

spode-china-plate-zeusI’ll be bringing a single china plate (my favorite one that’s a Spode Greek China depicting Zeus that my mother gave me) next time I come out, because I’m only feeding me and I wash everything after every meal.

It’s a small thing, but I really enjoy eating off that plate. Don’t ask me why, I just do. I also want a fancy (but washable) linen for my table. Stop rolling your eyes and stay with me, now …

Setting a Proper Table

Sure my awesome little one-size-fits-all, height-adjustable tiny table serves as a kitchen cabinet & stove top when I’m cooking, and it’s a desk when I’m working (like now), but when I eat, I’d like it to transform into something a little prettier. I thank my mother for these inclinations (or is it a compulsion?)

A simple linen would make that happen. Ok, well maybe not a “simple” linen. I’m thinking bohemian or seriously thick brocade. Something over the top. Something that would be right at home in a Vardo…because basically I’m creating a modern vardo in the interior of the van.

I’ll put it on my list of treasures to seek out when I’m shopping in antique and second-hand shops. But, on the practical side, it must be something that can stand up to both hand and machine laundering. Practicality trumps decor… always… even when glamping.

Adding a Little Sterling to the Mix

Sterling Silver FlatwareI already have my full place setting of my favorite sterling silver pattern in the van. I’m looking forward to using on my future linen. I’m already using it every day now. Don’t judge. I like it and it makes me happy and it takes up no more room than a cheap stainless set. So 😛 But, I must admit, it does lose some “umph” when I use it with plastic and/or disposable plates.

Keeping Things Clean

I’m going to replace my boring, basic burgundy rug with something a little more lush (and something a little bigger) that I hope will stay in place better when I let out the bed. It will still need to be small enough to be easy to shake out to help keep things clean on the interior.

I need a rechargeable hand vac… yes, seriously. I’m going to have Puntin with me on my journey – and he sheds, so I REALLY need the vac.

Posh for the Pooch?

Puntin probably needs a poofy pillow to claim as a bed too – one that will fit between the two front seats while I’m driving. I’ll have to think about that. I’m not sure he will use it enough to make it worth the extra hassle, or the space it will require.

Glamping It Up: Bohemian Bed?

The current cover for the bed (when it’s in the folded “couch” position) is ok, but it’s not awesome. I’ll probably keep my eye out for something I like better for that too. 

Ditto on the sheets. I want something awesome. What I have now is plain. I’ll keep looking for the perfect set… and it might take awhile.

Adding Luxury Slowly, Bit by Bit

As I determine what works inside the Van for the essentials, I’ll also continue to find ways to add a little luxury to the surroundings — so long as it doesn’t increase maintenance and hassle or demand too much storage/stowage space!

It’s my play-house, darn it, and I want to have fun with it!

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