When “Simple” Means Taking On More…

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August 7, 2013
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When “Simple” Means Taking On More…

Efficiency apartment as a move toward voluntary simplicity

My brand of simplicity is often complex. Trying to live a simple life can be quite a challenge at times. At those times, what makes life easier may seem counter-intuitive. Like now.

Curtailing the Commute

Working an hour away from home makes life complex. Putting in long hours to help build a new business disrupts any potential for personal balance — at least for awhile. Driving home late at night, falling into bed, getting up too early and driving in to do it all over again means the quality of life dips pretty low.

Counting the Costs

With the cost of gas, the loss of time and the horrible habit I’ve now developed of eating out (because I never have time to cook anymore), it’s been a dramatic change to my norm and it’s impacted my financial welfare as well as my health.

I’ve launched a new business before and I understand what it takes. I know there are sacrifices. I’m willing. What I’m not willing to do is have no life during the process. I’ve been there and done that. So, I need to evaluate and make some changes.

A Second Home?

So a weekday apartment is probably on the horizon. It just makes sense. As much as I hate the idea of maintaining a second residence, it makes sense. *sigh*

Given these realities, why not simplify it as much as possible?

So, I’m thinking this COULD be an exercise in minimalism…IF:

  • Select a place withing walking distance of the office
  • Have a minimum amount of space to maintain – and NO yard
  • Keep an absolute minimum of belongings – essentials only
  • Create a serene space, a peaceful place to be after work

Weekdays vs. Weekends

Basically, I want to think of the efficiency/small apartment as an extended stay hotel suite… which is basically what it is — a place to live and be able to cook during the week while I work. On the weekends, and any other time it’s possible, I’ll be going to the farm… where I belong.

What the Apartment will “Buy” Me

  • More time to call my own (I can actually have “down” time again)
  • Less time on the road (and less exposure to wrecks, less wear and tear on the vehicle)
  • Better nutrition (I can cook again! YAY!!)
  • Less worry about the babies (the dog and cat will spend less time alone)

And most important… I’ll have more time with my significant other, since we will be moving in together — both in town during the week and on the weekends at the farm.

Financially, it will probably be a wash, but psychologically — a serious win. Besides, I think it might help me to determine (in a “safe” way) what is actually essential, and it may ultimately result in a more streamlined cabin. 😉

Now to secure an apartment… *wish me luck!*

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